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I've been playing on this server for a few months now. I have two accounts, server full on both (one Horde one Alli because why not). I'm pretty pleased with the quality of the server, and I personally haven't encountered any major bugs. The odd graphical and AH glitch here and there but nothing that's hurt or massively hindered my overall game at all. The accelerated exp rate is nice and the fact that the server itself is free to download and play is awesome. (There is a store, but it's only on the website and isn't shoved at you ingame.) I have seen people complaining that the WM servers aren't "blizzlike" enough but you can't please everyone. As someone who grew up through WoW including WotLK and played on official for over a decade, I'm satisfied with the server itself. A word of caution on the community, however. I've encountered so much undue entitlement on this server, (on *both* sides before you start feeling high and mighty about your faction). Major city gold begging spam up the wazoo; random people whispering me out of absolutely nowhere to tell me what I'm doing wrong or where I should be for my level (and not just offering gentle advice but being very rude and bossy); random group invites from level 80s in dungeons trying to reset and just expecting me to accept while I'm just minding my own business; and the latter two types getting all pissy when I'm not receptive to or appreciative of being bossed around or having invites pop up in my face. For comparison I did of course encounter toxicity on official servers, as you will in any MMO no matter its genre. But for example, in over a decade of playing on official I only got random bossy whispers twice. 2 times. I've been playing on WM for under half a year and have had it happen 4 times already. Like wow you people need to learn some manners and let people play the way they want to. And then there's the scummier bad behaviour, like in a starting zone when I made a new toon, there was a player running around on their mount following people around and repeatedly requesting a guild charter signature. They followed me around and shoved it in my face 5 times. And because of the bar on emotes and whispers until level 10 I couldn't even tell them to fuck off lol I haven't tried dungeons or gods forbid, raiding, and feel very discouraged from even bothering at this point. My one biggest gripe with WM as a whole is that I wish the servers were PvE, because on PvE servers you can enable or disable PvP at will. You're not forced into it. I loathe PvP servers and just want to quest or whatever in peace. It's very annoying to be stomped repeatedly by players in crazy high tier PvP gear swooping down out of nowhere while I'm minding my own business. Oh and the fake queue/pop numbers rumour is 100% real, go find my WM MoP server review for a quick rundown on how I found that out for myself. But the population level is great, there's always crowds in org and SW at every hour, and tonnes of stuff on the AH. Economy/gold value is similar to retail. If you wanna make gold fast (without begging) just go spend an hour farming old world stuff like leather and ore, and I personally find small eggs and sagefish to sell really well. My grumbling about the other players aside, I do enjoy playing here and can see myself staying for a long time. tl;dr: server itself is pretty good for the most part; people who play on it often leave a lot to be desired.

Do not recommend. After playing in icecrown and lordaeron (warmane WotLK) for a few weeks I decided I'd like to dip my toes into MoP too as I never really played much of OG MoP when I was a kid; didn't see much of the expac and as an adult have heard that it's underrated due to people tunnel-visioning on the pandaren race Wow does this server have bugs. It's nigh unplayable. I dunno, maybe as an actiblizsion refugee I'm too used to being pampered on the official legacy servers. But holy cow. In a couple hours I experienced the following: ~ Auto loot is entirely bugged. Mobs loot fine, but if you loot for example a fishing bobber or quest object, it does not auto loot. The loot window pops up, you click on the loot item/s, and the "already looted" red text appears on screen, even though the item did go into your bag. Then the window stays open, loot item image still in, and you have to close it manually. ~ Quests completely broken. I encountered two broken quests within just about half an hour. . The lor'danel quest where you kill the murlocs with the robot? The robot's action bar window thing, the abilities weren't there. Just missing, nothing to click. Had to abandon the quest. . DK start zone, the citizens of havenshire barely spawn and when they do, they're one-shot in seconds by the scourge marksmen on the cliff, before you can even get to them. Took me bloody 20 minutes of trying to kill them before I just gave up and deleted the game files. Also saw a frostwolf forum post on the dragon quest being bugged beyond playability too. Also, the population is piss-poor. Barely a working server at this point. Under 2000 items on the AH, and hardly anyone on. I thought the "warmane fakes its numbers" thing was just a stupid internet conspiracy but jeez. It really ain't. When I first opened the game, I went to the who tab to scope who was playing. On alli, 15 players. I tabbed out, checked the website. Said 280-something players online. Out of curiosity made a horde toon, checked who tab. 17 players. Where were the other 250 or so apparent players? lmao Nah. Don't even bother installing it. I'm going back to WotLK. You can definitely tell which of their servers the warmane team care more about.

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