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Given that Mistblade runs on the Tauri MoP core, there should be no doubt that the technology of the server is top notch. Scripting is borderline flawless, uptime is pretty decent as well, the Stormforge.gg website is really high quality as well. I mean, from a technological point of view... it's really well executed. But then... there's the people involved. The players are rude, incompetent, belligerent, the admins don't much seem to care about what the actual player experience is like, GMs are incredibly hard to reach by any other means than ingame tickets (which already are notoriously unreliable on most private servers). Point being -- The tech is great but the human factor really just isn't. You will *not* have a good time playing on this server. You really will not. Not even if you decide to just play for yourself and ignore the childlike community. Because, it's a PvP server... so, ganking will happen. And it will happen a lot. Far too much to be even remotely acceptable. Really, avoid Mistblade like the plague, you'll be doing yourself a favor. And the world too, the sooner this server dies of poor population, the better. Back to the drawing board, Atlantiss and Tauri. Really, I'd have expected more from the two of you.

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