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I made the rate of my experience Fair because of the Community itself, however after speaking with the Owner of the server in direct messages on Discord. He had explained that he expects complaints on Both Project One and Hailstone PTR. Afterwards my Friend had explained to me about him being very dishonest about his community explaining that he does everything for his community, After the Owner received several complaints about the Bugs on Project One, He proceeded to delete the complaints in his forum to hide the fact that his main server is covered with bugs and that there is no point hold up two servers if the one is super buggy and completely unplayable. The Owner is named Black Vision, After my friend had gotten tired of the bugs he had proceeded to write a complain directly to the owner and hopefully he had helped, Nope he did not the Owner decided to insult my friend by calling him "Unfriendly" because of dming the Owner about the bugs. My friend direct messaged the Owner because the Bugs being reported in the forum were not being resolved if anything they were being either deleted or denied. The Owner of this server is more manipulative then he makes himself out to be. The server is fine have fun with it but I wouldn't recommend it. EitherSide is a pretty decent server with Friendly staff.

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