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Honestly, I think the server is great. Awesome community. Alot of people willing to help and teach. I raid both Horde and Ally, and tons of great peeps. I think being able to pay a small monthly fee to level toons and professions quicker is great. If you wanna level your 15th toon the "real way" go for it. I wanna get it over with. But the community is small. If your EU times its much, much better. I don't think I'd have a single complaint if I were EU. But I'm NA, and the truth is, you can regularly get down to under 80-90 people at night. There's a horde guild running at 5pm-pacific, and that's all. 45min dungeon waits are normal. I've heard many "old timers" say that the owner has killed this server, and I always kinda thought it was hyperbole. But then I see the posts above. And it all makes sense. Too bad. This is the best server I've played by far. And best community. But it is dying. It's dead for NA. And it never made sense till I read these posts. Shame

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