Battle for Azeroth Private Servers – Best BFA Private Servers

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Firestorm – Sethraliss

Battle for Azeroth Private Server of Firestorm. The realm of their BFA server is called Sethraliss, and launched in March 2019. The server (Firestorm) has a reputation of having a lot of realms running. Their most popular realm is the BFA realm (S...
Released PvE  XP Rates:  Population: 2000-5000
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Stormgarde hereby present our first ever single player experience | 4.3.4 | StormGarde is a fresh blizzlike server born early 2020, but with one customization the will make our server different from others. | companion system | You will be able to...
Released PvP  XP Rates: 5-10X Population: 0-100
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BFA 8.3 Beta Testing

We are in the need of testers, so if you feel like wanting to help us test our content in BfA, come and join us. Now of course, for your efforts you’ll be rewarded, after the end of the testing phase, you will receive with a x1 Level 110 Cha...
Beta PvE PvP  XP Rates:  Population: 0-100
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Battle for Azeroth (BFA) Private Servers

BFA Private Servers are starting to be trending, especially in 2021. A lot of players have begun looking for a good Battle for Azeroth Server. With World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, you can get to level 120, and lets you play on two new continents, as well as six new wow races. This expansion supports patch 8.x.x, and there are several of BFA Private Servers to play on, but one big favorite. Through our list of BFA Servers, you can find the most popular BFA WoW Servers and the one we recommend. We have manually reviewed our list of BFA servers to make sure they are relevant and active.

Best Battle for Azeroth (BFA) WoW Private Servers

To be honest, there aren’t that many different BfA private servers to choose between. Luckily, there’s however one major favorite, that we consider being the best and most recommended BFA Server around.

On a regular basis, through Reddit and other communities, we see questions such as: “What is the best World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Server?

Personally, we believe there’s one specific server that deserves the title. The specific BFA server we are referring to is Firestorm’s realm Sethraliss. The reason is simple: Sethraliss contains the highest population, and has better scripting than the other BFA Servers on our list, as of right now. This might of course change in the future, if new decent BFA servers come up. To be specific, Firestorm’s Sethraliss was released in 2019 and has around 2000-3000 players online. At Zremax, we consider that to be a healthy and active population.
Therefore, if you want to play on a WoW BFA Private Server, you might want to play on the one we have noted as being the best BFA server.

While that is said, there are also a couple of other servers around to play on. We’ll go through that down below.

A List of all BFA Private Servers

On this page, we list all the BFA Private Servers. We update our list regularly, to make sure the information still is relevant and correct. The authors of Zremax are enthusiasts of this wow scene. Our list of them is the best you will find, and we do honor in helping you find your next Battle for Azeroth Server.
Originally, Blizzard released Battle for Azeroth back in 2018, on August 14. When Blizzard releases the next expansion, which will be Shadowlands, it won’t be possible to play the BFA expansion itself through Blizzard, anymore. Instead, you will need to find a BFA Private Server to play on, which is exactly what we list.


Today you have learned that the amount of BFA Private Servers are small, but there is one Battle for Azeroth Server we recommend and consider as the best. The specific BFA WoW Server has a healthy population and thousands of players online. Even when Blizzard releases Shadowlands, you can still find good BFA Servers through our list.