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Epsilon WoW is a custom BFA WoW Private Server. Epsiolon WoW is very unique and offers tons of custom features. It's an RP BFA Server with phase-based roleplaying server designed to suit the needs of individual communities. On Epsilon WoW, communities can create their own "phases" (which are copies of the world). This means they can control the content in the world, themselves. At Epsilon WoW, you have access to Gamemaster Commands to complete the roleplay experience. Epsilon WoW claims they have implemented many unique features that you have never seen before. They work hard on creating new item appearances, gameobjects and much more.

Disclaimer: This listing was added by the staff. If you are the owner of this server and would like to update any information or update the status to a Verified server, please contact us here or at our Discord and reach out to one of the admins.

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Server Reviews

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(4.00 out of 5)

Blizzlike Realm PTR and custom. Amazing

Written by TimeDoesTell27 TimeDoesTell27
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Gold to battle coin conversion for the free shop. Soloable bosses. Amazing up time. Alot of pets. Custom fun content. World Ender Bosses. This server is insane. 30 to 50 player pop on average work days.

Not so bad

Written by dani1124 dani1124
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Too many things without concept.

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