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Sep 26 2020 By zremax

Today, Zremax has some positive news to bring!

Zremax - WoW Private Servers Database

Perhaps you have been following us at Zremax, and know who we are, and what we stand for. Perhaps you're just interested in the WoW Private Server Scene. Perhaps, you've never heard of us before. Either, is perfectly fine!

Shortly said, Zremax is a unique  related site and platform. We strive to bring WoW players all the best servers that can get found. We want the WoW players to find the servers that match them, and we want it to be easy and simple. We also offer guides, such as setting up the game clients, informative articles related to private servers, and much much more. At Zremax, we have very high ambitions, and we are highly focused on expanding our platform.

Back to the good news! Basically, a lot of great things have happened for Zremax. Let me list a few bullet-points:

  • We have improved our design, and given it a touch-up and bring some life to it.
  • We have added more servers. More servers added means a higher possibility to find your next home. For Zremax, it's important to be showing a decent and high quality list of servers.
  • More traffic! We have been giving our marketing a boost, which has resulted in a growth in visitors and daily traffic. Welcome to all the new visitors! Hint..: We still have a lot of ideas remaining to improve and boost it a bunch more.
  • Faster website-speed! We have updated a lot of our systems, moved to a dedicated machine (because we're serious about this project), which has increased the speed by a ton! No more slow loading. We want to offer a smooth experience!
  • The Blog will be more active.
  • We have added an advertisement system, for users who wish to promote their servers (server-owners) further.

We hope you will enjoy the changes, and follow our project, and share our vision of the project. We are very excited for this road.

Let us know if you have any comments, suggestions or general feedback right below!

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