Legion 7.3.5 Client Download – WoW Legion Client

The Zremax Team
June 16, 2021

There are a lot of different WoW Clients. But if you are searching for a Legion Client, you have come to the right place. 
Below, you will be able to see all the best clients that will work for Legion. 

We provide both Full Legion Clients that you can download, with all the game data for the expansion included.

At Zremax, we ensure the provided clients and links are up-to-date, and stable. The reason being: we want to be the #1 resource for World of Warcraft (Private Server) related things. Anyhow, let’s dig into the clients for this WoW Expansion

Download Legion 7.3.5 Client

Right below, you will see two types of downloads:
1) Direct Downloads. 
2) Torrents, through Magnet links. 

Either works, and it’s entirely up to you, what you prefer. If you don’t know about either of them, we recommend just using the Direct Download for simplicity.
If you choose to download the client for Legion through a Torrent, we recommend you to use a VPN. It’s just for your own safety.

The provided World of Warcraft Clients for Legion, will be use-able on patch 7.3.5. That’s the most common game version that is use-able on most servers, and on a Legion Repack.

Direct Downloads


  • Magnet – Full Client from Firestorm
  • Magnet – Client (Full) from WoWKoi (7.3.5 build 26972)
  • Magnet – A Full Client from WoWMortal

WoW Legion Client 7.3.5

As of right now, there is no way to play on a Legion Private Server, without downloading a Legion Client. Because of that, we find it very relevant to make sure to provide the resources for you. The reason is that Blizzard no longer offers the legion client through retail, as it’s impossible to play the Legion expansion through the official World of Warcraft version.

The size of the download is 39.4 GB, so it’s quite huge. The reason is that there’s a lot of content and therefore, a lot of game data to download. The WoW client size was around the same on retail back when Legion was a thing on their realms.
Keep in mind that there’s only one Mini Legion WoW clients provided (fast, download while playing). The reason is that for this expansion, it’s more stable to download the full version. It may take a while to download, but then you are good to go, and won’t experience FPS lag and other spikes while playing.


After reading this article, it will give you the necessary ressources to download a 7.3.5 WoW Legion Client. On top of that, you are now aware of the differences between a Full Legion Client, and a fast client. As mentioned, we do recommend the Full WoW Client version. With that being said, it’s necessary to download a client for Legion through us or others, in order to play on a server for this expansion. The reason for that is that Blizzard no longer offers the WoW Client for this particular patch anymore.

Now that you’ve downloaded the WoW Legion Client, you can play on your wanted server, and get right into the game!

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1 year ago

none of ur links work

Bob the Sauce Goblin
Bob the Sauce Goblin
1 year ago

The full client from AshamaneCore works, you just have to right click and choose save link as

9 months ago

i dont have an account, how can i create one?

8 months ago

Just tried to register and its not letting me log in after getting comfermation email.

8 months ago

links are not working pls set it new or some

4 months ago

I downloaded the Mini Client file and then extracted and copied the files to the game folder. And I could even see the cinematics of the legion. But after entering the account, I had a problem. Does not enter. And show me error a disconnect from server message.

3 months ago

as soon as I start the Worldserver.exe I get the message that libcrypto -x64.dll was not found. Can I download this somewhere? if so where? Can someone help me?

2 months ago

The links don’t seem to work anymore 🙁

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