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How Arena World Championships keeps growing in numbers

An article related to gaming, and more particularly how arena world championships keeps on growing. Find out why here!
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Nov 10 2022 By zremax
WoW Arena Champion Ship

What are Arena World Championships?

The first esports competition of this kind was held in 2008 when the prize pool was $120000. During that time, the name of this esports event was BlizzCon Arena Tournament. Even though the prize was still imposed back then for an esports competition, in the present times, the prizes exceeded $300000 in 2019. Due to the rise of PC gaming over the last decades, this competition gained much attention thanks to the demand for video streaming. Thus, in 2020, the AWC organizers decided to extend the competition to two seasons. The Arena World Championships tournament gained a viewership total of 495 million until 2020.

AWC is a worldwide esports event

As video streaming became so popular, it made it possible for viewers worldwide. Also, another aspect that made players across the globe connect easily is the platforms gamers use to socialize and build a community of supporters. One such communication channel is Twitch, a platform used by 140 million active users. Another factor that influenced the growth and interest of gamers worldwide is the longevity of the World of Warcraft fanbase . However, the popularity of this game remained intact as new versions of the game are being released as frequently as possible. For example, at the end of 2020, WoW delivered a further expansion called Shadowlands, which gained more hours watched than any other popular game. Thus, World of Warcraft became the second most-watched video game after League of Legends, with a total of 29.5 million hours.  

AWC 2022 - How did it go?

The Arena World Championship began in March 2022. The competition is segmented into two tournaments - one for the European gamers and one for the fans in North America. The first part of this competition starts with four different Season 3 Cups with a weekly prize of $10000 per region. The ultimate goal is to get further in the competition, into the Circuit tournament, and then the Global Finals. The competitors are fighting in the Global Finals for their fair share of the total prize of $700000.

What is the format of the competition?

There are teams containing at least three and a maximum of four members, and the bracket seeding is decided by the average rating of the best three players on the team. All matches will be broadcasted live.

How popular is the AWC tournament?

The AWC tournament is definitely popular, as the numbers show. However, there are many factors we need to consider before deciding how relevant an esports event truly is. Unlike other gaming competitions, if you're a fan of World of Warcraft or such competitions, you won't be surprised when you find out that the top online casinos offer the chance to bet on your favorite teams when the season is in play. You can find competitive betting odds for WOW EU, NA, and Cross Region Finals among the best gambling services distributors . You get to choose between live-betting odds and pre-match ones. If you are a newbie, we recommend you try the pre-match ones.

Are there other tournaments worth watching?

Person playing a game

Many other games and competitions have a significant influence in this area, including games such as the worldwide phenomenon League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. If you didn't know, CS: GO has a total of over 13,000 international gamers and a one million dollar prize pool, making it one of the best and most played eSports games. However, we can't deny that League of Legends is also in the top three games on our list, offering an impressive prize of $73.5 million shared between no less than 2,400 events. It is true that with every organized tournament, games like WoW, LoL, or CS: GO gain more popularity, and their prize pools expand considerably.

Is the iGaming industry more influential than other industries?

Once these video games start gaining a lot of influence in the iGaming industry, it is clear that these games will draw the attention of bettors. Even though some do not engage in gaming activity, a considerable number of people enjoy watching tournaments or other professional gamers playing the game on streaming platforms. In 2020, the iGaming industry will evolve so much it is said the industry is worth more than the movie and sports business mixed. Each year, consoles and games are released, and fans do not stop supporting their favorites.

AWC is one of the most competitive tournaments

The Arena World Championship is one of the most watched competitions in the entire iGaming industry. With fans and players all over the world, the AWC is set to gain more attention not only on the prizes and competitors but also on the release of new games.

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