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All the main points and tips for Escape from Tarkov that will be useful for beginners

All the main points and tips for Escape from Tarkov that will be useful for beginners
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Apr 18 2024 By Quadralx
All the main points and tips for Escape from Tarkov that will be useful for beginners

Tarkov is a project that combines a military simulator and a battle royale, in which players will confront each other depending on the chosen side of the conflict and when meeting bandits.

You will need to look for equipment and weapons, accessories, armor and helmet to increase your survivability in combat with enemies.

You will choose your side, or rather the PMC, whose uniform you will wear.

You can join the BEAR PMC, which employs Russian special forces, or TERRA, which brings together mercenaries from the United States.

By choosing a side, you will receive all the bonuses and privileges - if you play for BEAR, you will get access to the uniform and weapons of the Russian army and all conversations on the radio will be in the appropriate language.

TERRA will use NATO uniforms and weapons and communicate in English.

Basic moments

You will begin your journey to Tarkov as an operative of the chosen side and with minimal equipment you will go on combat missions and receive tarkov power leveling.

You must remember that Tarkov places an emphasis on realism during combat, which affects shooting and getting wounded, and if you die, you will lose all the equipment that you had at the time of the battle.

Weapons and accessories

During combat outings, you will look for weapons, ammunition and accessories for them so that your gameplay is constantly enhanced.

Don't be afraid to look for and improve your weapons, even under the threat of losing them.

Weapons are the main tool for your Tarkov leveling and the better its combat power and accessories, the better you will be able to aim and stealthily shoot at your enemies.

In the future, you will be able to spend rubles to insure any equipment, including weapons, and even if you die, enemies will not be able to pick up any of your property that was insured.

From accessories, you need to find a scope of the zoom rank that suits you, but you should not put multiple magnification on a weapon that is not a sniper - if you put it on an assault rifle, then it will be difficult for you to aim at the enemy in close combat.

Find a silencer or flash suppressor that will mask your point of engagement and make it more difficult for the enemy to understand where you will be shooting from.

Look for stabilizers that will help increase your accuracy, which will greatly help you in long-range combat.

Grenades and medicines

Try to always have a supply of grenades and medicine, especially since they can be found in almost all locations of the Tarkov world.

Grenades are needed for various gameplay moments when you need to change the battle to your terms.

For example, you are shooting at an enemy who has hidden behind cover and you cannot approach him or move away without taking damage.

You simply throw a grenade and continue to fight, and the enemy needs to make a decision - to come out of cover into battle, continue to hide and die, or run away.

As for medications, you must understand that not all battles will leave you alive and well, and in case of injury, you need a large supply of medications that will help stop the bleeding and restore your health.


In Tarkov, in order to collect new types of weapons and other valuables, you need to go on military campaigns and not just survive there and find valuable equipment and weapons, but also take them to a peaceful zone.

Of course, if you die at the hands of other PMCs or bandits, then everything that was your property and that was not insured may be lost, so try not to go hunting for prey on the main character.

You can rent a wild character from local NPCs - a neutral hero who has no enmity with PMCs and bandits, and they are often used to obtain and carry out new types of equipment and weapons without risk.

The basic equipment of such a character will be disgusting - rusty and of poor quality, and if you enter into battle with him, you risk dying ingloriously and aimlessly.

If you interact positively with NPCs - trade and complete tasks, then your level of trust will increase, and the wild character will become stronger and have good starting weapons.

Other PMCs cannot attack you unless they want to worsen their relations with the merchant factions.

On the contrary, you can attack them, but you need to act for sure, because PMCs will enter into a retaliatory battle without any problems, and given their advantages in weapons, you won’t have much of a chance.

You will be able to take all weapons, assault rifles, equipment and what was on them uninsured for yourself, and if you take it to a peaceful zone, it will become yours.

Valuable items

You can take out literally any items that you find during the hunt in order to sell them to various NPCs in the future and increase your level of trust with them.

Weapons and accessories can be sold to other players and receive rubles in Tarkov.

The medicine and interior items will be purchased by the nurse.


In Escape from Tarkov there is also a raid format - this is an entry into territories where there are more drops and valuable items that sometimes cannot be found in other zones - unique sights and accessories.

To do this, you need to find or buy a special item that will give you the right to time-limited access to such an area, for example a laboratory.

To enter you need to get a special card with an access code and the most interesting thing is that you can get it literally anywhere during boosting level in Escape from Tarkov.

It can be in boxes, on the ground and anywhere in the territories, so you need to carefully check all hiding places.

This is an extremely valuable and expensive item that must be carefully searched for.

Of course, you shouldn’t suffer from paranoia and look under every stone, trying to find that very card, but it’s still worth maintaining attentiveness.

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