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How Other Markets Help To Amplify The Upcoming IEM Fall 2023

Nobody can dispute how much of a success professional video gaming has become. It's not just become a lucrative, high-paying career for those players who can rise to the top of their specific
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Oct 13 2023 By zremax

Nobody can dispute how much of a success professional video gaming has become. It's not just become a lucrative, high-paying career for those players who can rise to the top of their specific gaming title. Still, it has created an undercurrent of markets that have been able to operate as viable secondary markets.

In the entertainment business, the two most transparent ways to measure success are through popularity and profit, and eSports has created both in copious amounts. However, business analysts often use another strong variable to measure a sector's true impact, which is how successful secondary industries are. In eSports, game designers, social media managers, and live tournament presenters have all been able to turn their hobbies into profitable careers, and the fact so many people can make a living directly and indirectly through professional video gaming is a testament to just how strong the overall business model is.

IEM Fall 2023 - What The Bookmakers Say

Some of the world's top Counter-Strike teams will land in Sydney in mid-October to battle it for the $100,000 prize. Vitality, Ence, and G2 are the highest-ranked teams participating, so evidently, they are also the bookmakers' favorite. However, choosing between these three is a difficult task. Usually, the sportsbooks give a solid indicator of who will emerge from a tournament victorious. Although Vitality does have the edge, if Ence and G2 are also operating to their maximum capacity, it could become a toss-up to see who finishes at the top of the podium once the tournament concludes on the 26th of October.

Being able to bet on the most exciting CS2 tournaments could arguably become eSports's most significant and fastest-growing subdivision if it isn't already. Following the incredible success of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the eSports tournaments that involve the landmark game developed by Valve, Counter-Strike eSports tournaments went from small halls of a few thousand to sell-out stadiums of tens of thousands in attendance in less than a decade.

Make no mistake, this year's IEM Fall will continue to champion the existence of these markets, and much like traditional professional sports, many people like to augment their enjoyment of professional video gaming by placing a bet on a game or an outright winner. At the moment, it's hard to see past Vitality. With a proven track record and a collection of the world's best players at their disposal, their roster is the most impressive out of the teams competing in this year's competition in Sydney.

Careers In eSports

As we entered the beginning of the 2010s, although there was a lot of intrigue and investment in professional video gaming, economists and business experts were skeptical about the long-term potential of eSports. Many downplayed it as a fad, expecting it to either fizzle out or level off. Although some media outlets like to be the purveyors of doom and misery and have stated the industry could soon experience a dip, the only issue appears to be a saturation of teams and tournaments within the space. The IEM Fall will likely amplify just how much of a market there is for eSports; with a sell-out crowd and hundreds of thousands of people expected to keep up to date with the action on social media, it doesn't have the hallmarks of a dying industry.

Ironically, news stories like this can help the sector as more people seek out tournaments and try to see the fuss. Some stories are more optimistic and highlight that many professional video gamers are part of a forward-thinking future generation. Either way, careers in eSports have a range of variety available, from content producers, social media managers, in-game referees, technicians, crowd management, fan engagement managers, and media/PR representatives.

Sometimes, these roles can be specific to the game, too. Longer-form games might require more entertaining commentary to keep people engrossed. Additionally, other games might require more breaks,


With so many different careers that people have embarked upon within the scope of eSports, hundreds, if not thousands, of people now have an incentive to highlight upcoming tournaments. A lot of these industries are still growing. Still, they depend on the industry's success, so it's obvious why the existence of these other markets helps shine a light on the continued success of established tournaments like IEM Fall.

Gambling markets, social media influencers, and gaming YouTubers are the three main markets that will help to amplify this year's IEM Fall. Although it is an established eSports tournament and it managed to rise to prominence without the existence of a lot of these markets, it now benefits immensely from having the organic, word-of-mouth advertising and the immense potential of the growing eSports gambling market, which is continuing to drive exceptional interest and profits at all levels of the industry.

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