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Goblins in Cataclysm - New Race in Cata

The goblins are one of the new playable races in WoW: Cataclysm alongside the worgen. They are old allies of the Horde, and fight against the alliances! It's the race introduced in patch 4.0
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Jul 25 2021 By zremax

The goblins are one of the new playable races in WoW: Cataclysm alongside the . They are old allies of the Horde and freed themselves from the scaling of the forest troll.

WoW Cataclysm - Goblins

It's true that many goblins have a strong sense of business combined with a certain ... moral flexibility. Previously known as neutral profiteers in the many conflicts between the Horde and the Alliance, part of their race is now taking sides again and, after the fall of their homeland Kezan, has sided with the Horde. Technically very talented and with a good dose of business acumen on the back of their neck, they will certainly produce some great heroes in a row with orcs, tauren, undead and blood elves ... and also be the reason for one or the other, bigger problem.

Racial skills

  • Rocket jump: Lets the goblin jump up to 20 meters. Shares a 2 minute cooldown with rocket fire.
  • Missile bombardment: Fires missiles from your belt at an enemy within 30 meters. Shares a 2 minute cooldown with rocket jump.
  • 1% haste rating bonus for all attacks and spells
  • Maximum discount from all retailers, regardless of your call level.
  • Remote access to the bank via a Hobgoblin servant who can be summoned every 30 minutes.
  • Alchemy ability increased by 15 points

Classes available

Goblins will be able to choose from the following classes in Cataclysm:

  • Death knight
  • Hunter
  • Death Knight
  • Priest
  • Mage
  • Shaman
  • Rogue
  • Warlock
  • Warrior

Starting areas: Kezan

The path of every aspiring goblin hero begins in Kezan, the capital of the goblins. It is located south of the Maelstrom, in the middle of the ocean. Here you can expect the first, simple quests, which should familiarize inexperienced players with the handling of the game. After you have caused the greatest possible mess caused by a fatal misstep, you have to flee the island and get on board the official ship. This will take you to the Lost Islands.

Zone map of Kezan

Zone map of Kezan

Starting areas: The Lost Isles

The Lost Islands chain is located south of Azshara and north of Durotar. Here the story of the now homeless goblins of Kezan continues and you learned more about the conflict between Horde and Allianz that left you stranded on this island. None other than Thrall personally strives for the loyalty of the goblins and so you become part of something bigger, part of the horde. Then it goes to Azshara.

Quest preview of the goblins

Both goblins and worgen begin a quest line at the end of which they meet their future allies. Goblins must first rescue a few survivors and perform similar tasks before meeting an orc woman who sends them to fight the Alliance.

The history of the Golbins

It has existed for a long time, if you can believe the first holey records. From Nelthation's records, which show that he created the dragon soul with the help of goblinate refacts, one can guess how old the race of the goblins must be. So it seemed that the little creatures are an early ancient race.

Goblins have lived on the island of Kezan for a long period of time and have not had the fraction of their intelligence so admirable today. They were slaves to the green-skinned jungle troll and were forced to expand the underground tunnel shafts into which the trolls did not venture. After years of troll bondage, the goblins found a mineral, kaja'mite, named after the Kajaro mountain on Kezan. 

The trolls claimed this rock for themselves and used it for voodoo rituals. The goblins, still held as miners, recognized the Kaja'mite's hidden magical power and hoarded supplies in the depths of Undermine. However, the mineral had a crucial side effect: the intelligence of the goblins was increased to a great extent. The increased intelligence was followed by increased cunning and the slaves came up with a plan that ultimately made them the strongest force on Kezan. 

The goblins rapidly expanded their technological knowledge and developed the first steam engines in Azeroth. Rumor has it that the old goblin technology was already more advanced than today's inventions of other breeds. As master technicians, the goblins quickly entered the open market and sold their artifacts to anyone willing to pay enough. Over time, however, the forces of the Kaja'mite left the artifacts and had to be replaced. When the magical properties in the artifacts were finally extinguished, the goblins desperately moved to the world to track down every tiny deposit of Kaja'mite. In the next millennia, however, they found no further traces of the mineral. Five hundred years before the first great war, the goblins' intelligence had reached its peak. Without the brain-stimulating Kaja'mite, the goblins would not have been able to reproduce their miraculous inventions or repair what they had already created. Her works were quickly replaced simpler technology. 

The rest of the world increasingly feared the fugitive machines, so the goblins' revenue dropped to almost zero in a few years. The goblins, who have an incredible love of money, had to be content with creating and selling simpler technology due to their loss of intelligence. Around two hundred years before the first war, Kezan's first commercial fleets sailed around the world. 

The goblins saw the war as an excellent opportunity to replenish their wealth and began to expand their trading empire enormously during the war. During the second war, which followed a little later, the goblins had long been known as the number one among the merchant peoples of the world. They later entered into exclusive partnerships with the Horde. A Horde ambassador was rumored to meet with a representative of the Steamwheedle cartel, possibly trading prince Steamwheedle himself, to purchase machinery and other technology for the Horde in exchange for money and spoils of war. Initially believing that the orcs would win the war, the alliance seemed perfect. The revenue that the war washed into the goblins' coffers was so large that the slave market of the goblins was expanded extensively. 

However, other goblins chose the path of least resistance and remained neutral to Horde and Alliance, so that only the Steamwheedle Cartel was the Horde's official partner. Trade prince Steamwheedle, however, recognized his mistake and left the horde singing and without sound. To this day, the goblins remember this event and have never made alliances with either side again. They thought it was better to take advantage of both factions and constantly weigh them up. In the age of the great catastrophe, many goblins were driven from their home island of Kezan, where a huge volcano erupted. Some goblins saw this as a good opportunity to make a profit and sold tickets for getaway ships to their own people for later sending to slavery. 

However, one of the ships was so badly damaged during a battle between Alliance and Horde battleships that the goblins on board stranded on the beach of an island off Kalimdor. The shipwrecked discovered that the dense jungle held many dangers and secrets. The greatest danger, however, came from the alliance, many unprofitable encounters with them have lifted some princes from their neutral position.

Playing Cataclysm

If you wish to experience Goblins and the Cataclysm Expansion, you can play on  where we have combined you a common list of fanservers. On most of the servers, Goblins are available and the zones such as Kezan and Lost Isles are scripted.

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