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Wrath Reborn

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PVP, PVE, Custom



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WOTLK + custom content. You can wow anywhere but we do it better! We offer Custom Dungeons, 1v1 Battlegrounds, Weekly Updates, Custom Raids and more. Find out more on wrath-reborn.com

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6 Reviews
(3.00 out of 5)

Awesome playability and approachable GMson discord channel

Written by yehan70 yehan70
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I have been playing for about 3 weeks now, so I feel I can give a more complete review.
Leveling is fast and easy. You will run out of levels before quests. The bot system works like a charm and dungeons are (what I came here for) a lot of fun. I can commit 1 hour a day or 16 does not matter to anyone but me, since the server is pretty much designed for solo playing except... for the high-end raids. That is also ok since if you haven't made any friends by then you are out of luck. oh yeah, I have NOT been asked for ANY MONEY. In any way shape or form. If you wish to donate, I am sure you will find a way...
Overall I give this server 5 stars out of 5. Try it, you will like it

Came for the bots, Stayed for the community and quality.

Written by samuelca2 samuelca2
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Ever since I have joined this server after a seemingly endless search for a good private server I have yet to find one that compares. Most servers feel lifeless and empty but with all of the custom NPC's, the bots that can be utilized in almost every element of game-play and have incredible features, and the recently added global chat this server feels full of life and has an incredible community. So much content is constantly being added and worked on which give so much room to continue even after reaching endgame content. Highly recommend using their launcher as well as it provides super easy access to keeping up to date with content.

A server built with effort and care

Written by Gorbok Gorbok
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Been playing on this server for about a month - everything works fine and has very few bugs. It's also one of the rare private servers that are pve by default (exactly what I want), though there is fully functional bgs and arenas (even a 1v1 arena). Lot's of custom content from what I've seen, though I have yet to reach the custom endgame~ Not very populated atm, but that will improve with time as the server gains more repute. What people there are, have been friendly and helpful.

Referring to a previous post - the custom launcher works fine, assuming you realize the launcher has to go in your client folder~

All in all, a hidden gem the deserves more attention from potential players


Written by Seg Seg
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The casting and loot lag make it unplayable. My Latency is only like 60, but it takes 2 seconds to cast anything. Tried it a couple times with a day or two in between, same results. Poor performance.

Can't even create an account!

Written by austin_ames austin_ames
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I've been looking for one of these servers that I enjoy, sadly I've been through 3 or 4 now. They're all terrible but this one, I went to the site, tried to create and account and every time I hit register it just brings up the "manage passwords" tab under the Username block. I can't even register an account. So, because their website isn't well maintained, that tells me their server probably isn't either.

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