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Stormspire | Heavily Custom & Unique 3.3.5A Server

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Custom, PVE



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Instant 80 | Instant Casts | Farmable DP | Exceptional Attention to Detail | Unique Gearing & Spell System | Zero P2W | All Items Obtainable via Playing | Unique VIP System | Fully Custom Talent Trees | Thousands of Custom Items | Hundreds of Custom Spells & Effects | Custom Weapons | And more...

Take on a journey throughout the unique world of Stormspire and explore the amazing features, crafted to perfection with high attention to detail. Our server offers the most unique gameplay ever seen on a World of Warcraft server with high quality solo & group content as well as tons of unique systems to enhance your gameplay with.

Join us today and explore one of the best custom servers ever made!

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Server Reviews

3 Reviews
(5.00 out of 5)

First impressions

Written by Sanaum Sanaum
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First impressions of this server are awesome great community and cool GM's
come get your fill of fun on this unique server
Classes all feel well balanced and on Par with each other
100% recommend this server to anyone looking for a new home
Come join Stormspire and meet everyone Invite your friends you wont regret it

very good

Written by Quadralx Quadralx
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First Impression

Written by maalfallback maalfallback
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This is my first time playing a WoW game, and I have to say I love playing this game nonstop
This is a one unique and funny community that I know you will love, the GM's are perfect at they job
No p2w at all, old players would help out new players
The classes are balanced and within each other range
I would recommended this server to anybody trying to get into a server YOU WILL LOVE IT HERE

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