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Players who log in before June 22 can directly upgrade to level 80+advanced weapons+cool wings+legendary gems+2x experience necklace + 2x drop scroll5000points!

1,This game is 3.35WLK imitation official micro-variant service, birth level 20, 95 level cap。

2,Equipment is divided into: Bronze Silver Gold Legend Supreme Aura Domination Special single piece and other 8 grades, each grade there are 10 qualities, each quality corresponds to a different attribute random multiplier.

3,Unique Talent System: Each profession has an additional 4th page of professional talents and a 5th page of general talents, and the talent points are obtained from the Peak System, Title System, and Military Rank System.

4,Rune combinations: Introducing the language of runes from Diablo 2, inlaying the appropriate runes according to the combinations can trigger their powerful rune combination skills!

5,Collection System: Each boss has a low probability of dropping boss cards, and collecting a page of boss cards will activate super attributes.

6,Title Level: Players can upgrade their titles for damage reduction buffs and will be given talent points.

7,Reincarnation system: temporarily open 1-10 level reincarnation, reincarnation can improve their own attributes and damage, etc., players need to reduce the level of the character reincarnation.

8, Super Enchantment Prefix: New Super Enchantment Prefix, all equipment has the probability to bring 1-5 random enchantment attributes, itself comes with 1-3 random, drop according to the quality of the additional 1-2 generated, a total of 5459 random enchantment attributes .

9,Equipment Recycling: Excess equipment dropped from dungeons above level 60 can be used to recover points and fragments through feature gems, and top-notch items can also be traded to players through auction houses.

10,Auxiliary function:one click pick up, carry on bank, carry on email, born with it, function literally means, one click pick up is around a thousand yards of items.

11,The activity system has a balanced battlefield every hour, and there are battlefield activities with multiple rewards at night. The world boss activity allows you to enjoy a whole day of excitement.

12,Growth weapons, obtain growth weapons through missions, upgrade weapons by decomposing equipment fragments, and receive the Gospel of the Liver Emperor.



Can do WOW content customization, teaching set up stand-alone version or extranet WOW, provide free testing, want to set up stand-alone WOW or open their own WOW private service friends can contact discord: mistywind870

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Server Reviews

12 Reviews
(5.00 out of 5)

A very fun game, big production

Written by mistywind870 mistywind870
Upvote 2
Downvote 0

A very fun game with a large production and various fresh gameplay options!

I have never played such an interesting game before

Written by xixi611 xixi611
Upvote 3
Downvote 0

This game is very unique, with original running combinations, 5 talent types, teleportation system, collection system, title level, equipment recycling, legacy gems, weapon growth, and more. I really love playing with it!!!

This game is very innovative

Written by shanshan1 shanshan1
Upvote 1
Downvote 0

I like playing this game. It has rich content, is very playable, has unique activities, and everything is great!

The talent system and reincarnation system are great!

Written by blucea blucea
Upvote 1
Downvote 0

The talent system and reincarnation system of this game are very well done, and there are also lotteries and various interesting activities.

This is my first time playing this type of server, and it feels great!

Written by skyone skyone
Upvote 6
Downvote 0

A lot of new content has been added, such as Diablo II runes and legendary gems, military ranks, reincarnation, the second and third continents, etc. It's really fun!

This is the best game I have played this year!

Written by lucyic lucyic
Upvote 1
Downvote 0

This game is really great, the professions are very balanced, there are two modes of play: PVE and PVE, random attributes of various equipment, etc. This is the best game I have played this year!

Tribute to the developers of Star River WOW!

Written by popwow popwow
Upvote 1
Downvote 0

Newly crafted NPC item models and newly crafted maps, the Diablo 2 rune system, the reincarnation lower level mode, the three continents mode, the training room, the growth weapons, and so on... I can name too many novelties, and the developers of this game really put their heart into it!

Great gaming experience!

Written by orangeQ orangeQ
Upvote 1
Downvote 0

I've never played this type of game before, it's very good, I'll keep playing it!

Nice game, I love it!

Written by truckme truckme
Upvote 1
Downvote 0

The newly added fourth and fifth pages have great talents, with many different gameplay options!!

I like the reincarnation system of this server

Written by fangyu fangyu
Upvote 1
Downvote 0

I like the reincarnation system of this server, and even fighting monsters and leveling up won't be boring!

The game design is very good! Each profession is well balanced

Written by Giant Dragon Giant Dragon
Upvote 1
Downvote 0

The game design is very good! Each profession is well balanced, and there are various ways to earn points. Players can also earn a lot of points and items without donating!

I love playing this game, it has the classic gameplay with a lot of new things added to it

Written by legendus legendus
Upvote 1
Downvote 0

I like to play this game, both the classic gameplay but also added a lot of new things, for example, running quests, transmutation system, the great secret realm activities, martial arts activities, rune system, etc. are quite unique!

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