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Welcome to Oceanic War, the dedicated Oceanic WoW private server!

This is for all players looking for a new Oceanic based World of Warcraft WoTLK server to call home, you'll get low latency and a mostly Blizzlike experience with a twist.

Survival won't be easy, anyone can be attacked almost anywhere, but you'll get an interesting leveling experience with the addition of players competing over loot, protection and their favourite locations!

Based on AzerothCore and hosted within Azure in Australia, these are dedicated servers with anticheat present so will maintain long term reliability, daily backups are also in place.

There will be no pay to win, no cash shops, and no donation rewards that would ever affect real gameplay.

What's unique?

*3x XP and drop rates plus additional leveling bracket rewards to help with death.


*Full interaction with the opposite faction including chat, group, dungeon, guild, mail and auction house sharing between the Horde and Alliance.


*Free for all world PvP, anyone can be attacked almost anywhere, half of all carried gold is also stolen on death when killed by other players close to your level.


*Additional random stat roll bonuses on armour during loot, introducing replay-ability and competitive dungeon or crafting use for the best gear rolls.


*Dungeon difficulty partially scales with group size and rewards are retained for smaller groups, dungeon finder can even be used solo but this won't be easy.


*Capital cities have portals to other capital cities, transmog is also available and there's no delays when sending mail to other characters.


*New characters have an auto assigned starter guild to help out and share knowledge.

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