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Guildfront - Unique WotLK experience

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English & German | Level 70 Start | Guild Progression | Guild Islands & Perk | Guild Achievements | Raid Wars | 7x XP | HD Client | AOE Looting

We have crafted this server to amplify the WotLK experience, with a strong focus on guild collaborations, strategy, and immersive gameplay.


  • Enhanced Guild Gameplay: We’ve transformed guilds into strategic entities with their own progression systems, driving teamwork and strategy to new heights.

  • Guild Islands: Earn and unlock your own Guild Island, upgrading it into a strategic hub with unique features for your guild members.

  • High-Stakes Raid Wars: Dive into thrilling, high-stakes guild-to-guild Raid Wars for the ultimate test of skill and strategy.

  • Rewarding Guild Achievements: In Guildfront, every achievement comes with tangible rewards, adding a gratifying layer to your collective efforts.

  • Icefront: Our new progressive realm invites players to start afresh at level 70, progressing through Wrath of the Lich King content.

  • Customizable Launcher & HD Client: The Guildfront Launcher ensures seamless client download, setup, updates, and customizable settings for an optimized gaming experience.

  • First Week Rewards: Once you reach level 80 in the game, you will be eligible to claim a unique mount through a special command on our Discord server!

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Server Reviews

14 Reviews
(4.43 out of 5)

Nice Server

Written by nite_1 nite_1
Upvote 10
Downvote 10

Very nice server with friendly supportive staff. Dont listen to the negative comments here from those toxic people that can only insult everyone and have no real life. Glad they left the server now.

Nice Features

Written by DirewolfAlpha DirewolfAlpha
Upvote 11
Downvote 14

After many years of playing WoW on various servers, this one caught my attention with its custom features and nice website, which are surprisingly well-thought-out and well-executed. The server is superbly scripted, the dungeons and raids run smoothly and as expected, and the game masters are responsive and friendly. It's like a breath of fresh WoW air. Two thumbs up!

Top Server

Written by bloody2927 bloody2927
Upvote 11
Downvote 14

Super Server, ich bin Positiv vom Server überrascht!
Gilden Insel funktioniert, Raids zu 99% Bug Frei.
Es ist ein Progress Server sind aktuell in P1, macht Mega Spaß.

Überzeugt euch selbst!

Written by freezy1010 freezy1010
Upvote 7
Downvote 10

Sehr guter Support von den Admins, helfen schnell und so gut sie können. Es gibt hier und da mal toxische Spieler, aber die hat man überall. Überzeugt euch einfach selber. Durch viele Events und anderen Features hat man immer was zu tun.

Gibt nichts auszusetzen

Written by symyko symyko
Upvote 7
Downvote 10

Frischer Progress Server mit Super Support Team. Content funkt zu 99% wie er soll (zwischen durch findest doch noch Fehler).

Community ist Freundlich mit wenigen ausnahmen. Gilden Features sind 100% Funktional und werden laufen ausgebaut.


Written by Bromes Bromes
Upvote 6
Downvote 9

sind alle hilfsbereit. ob staff oder player. sicher bekommen dumme fragen meist auch dumme antworten, aber an sich sind alle freundlich und haben einen guten sinn für humor

Great gaming experience!

Written by Fritte Fritte
Upvote 6
Downvote 10

I joined the server a few weeks ago and have met many friendly, helpful and capable people. The server is still under construction and is looking forward to fair, competitive, enthusiastic new players. Comprehensive a great gaming experience!

Guter Server

Written by Justicia Justicia
Upvote 6
Downvote 10

Bisher nur gute Erfahrungen mit dem Server gemacht. Es gibt wöchentlich neue Events und das Spiel läuft gut. Leider gibt es einige Hasskommentare, die sich auf selbstverschuldete Entscheidungen der Spieler zurückführen lassen und nicht die eigentliche Spielerfahrung widerspiegeln. Ich freu mich schon auf neuen Content.


Written by Denaro Denaro
Upvote 8
Downvote 0

The server is decent. But there are some things i dont like. The owner does only random last minute changes which are extremly weird. Also what i dont like is the focus from the gms. I mean there is a bug which causes the uh gargoyle to do like 100-200 dmg. The bug is known since the beginning of july. Instead of fixing it they focus on releasing a poor guild island. But the experience is overall good. There is room for improvment and i hope they use that room. I would rate that server 6/10 or 7/10.

Great work

Written by [1109]Klumpo [1109]Klumpo
Upvote 5
Downvote 10

server ist still in progress and growing, but i can't complain about anything. Helpfull and supporting GMs, always open for feedback. Mostly german but also some english people. Try out and convince yourself!

join it, you wont regret it

Written by furon00 furon00
Upvote 4
Downvote 10

the server is not perfect yet but it improves itself each day with updates, the dev's talk directly to every member of the community to improve the server quality. each day there are more ppl, to play with, its worth it.

Einfach Besser!

Written by sliker. sliker.
Upvote 11
Downvote 12

Super nette Team Base, Spieler sind hilfsbereit. Wird oft auf wünsche eingegangen und versucht sie um zu setzen.
Immer wieder tolle Events! Und die Races machen auch mega laune.

Auch wenn der Content über 19 Jahre alt ist macht es doch immer wieder Spaß sich ein zu loggen und was zu reisen!

Server Bewertung

Written by wowkonig wowkonig
Upvote 5
Downvote 10

Ich finde denn Server ok kann sagen wenn man keine Gilde hat könnte es recht öde sein da es halt vom Grunde hehr ein normaler wotlk Server ist hier ist halt der Fokus auf Gilden gelegt was blizzard mit cata versucht hat und mit wod schon wieder verworfen hat die Besonderheiten noch recht klein gehalten gibt ein zwei Sachen die ich etwas klein gehalten. Finde aber sonst ein guter wotlk Server mit kleinen Änderungen die man mit einer Gilde oder 4 weiteren Spielern meistern kann oder bekommt

Can't register an acct.

Written by austin_ames austin_ames
Upvote 0
Downvote 0

I really wanted to try this server out, but I keep trying to register an acct. on the website. I have hit the "Register" button 3700 times and it just keeps refreshing and lighting up to hit it again. Great little christmas toy you've created on your site. But it refuses to register my account. I hope this isn't how you manage your server.

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