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TBC5MAN :: Instant 70

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Instant 70, 5 Man Scripted Raids & Dungeons Version 2.4.3 Active Arena and Battlegrounds.

  • Blizz-like X1 Apart from - [Professions 10x][Rep 3x][Honor 1.75x][Weapon Skill Instant] [Alt-Friendly - 4 Rare Drops Instead of 1 On Pre-Raid Dungeon Bosses]

  • Crossfaction enabled PVE/PVP/AH

  • PvP - Battlegrounds & Arena

  • First flying mount 150% flying speed 100% ground.

  • Auction bot to stop price inflation and fills any gaps in the market.

  • Enchanting Vellums (custom version - enchants can be traded,sold on the AH)

  • Professions start at 300 (no vanilla grind required)

  • Raid Statistics (Thousands of Bosses Slain Every Month)

  • PVP Statistics (Battlegrounds Run 24-7)

Youtube Channel (Contains Tons of Gameplay Footage)

Server News

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Server Reviews

3 Reviews
(3.33 out of 5)

Responce to Jucker

Written by tbc5man tbc5man
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Reason for the ban was for harrassing players ingame and discord. There is no reason to take your emotional outburst to writing a review with incorrect information. Battlegrounds are constantly going https://tbcwow.co.uk/home/pvp/battleground.php as seen here and the server has only crashed once in the last three months. Please never come back, the community is much better off.

Good Server!

Written by snippo snippo
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i really enjoyed the server, its good scripted for 5 man and i enjoyed playing with 4 of my friends :)
and i also played with the other players on the server, the only sad thing is.. they ragequit really fast if shit happens.. and its really hard to find replacement since there is a small comunity...
pvp is almost dead.. same problem.. not much people
if you have reallife mates or somehow a team of 5 players i highly recommend the server, its great!!

server community

Written by jucker1000 jucker1000
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This server management doesn't exist,there's one only single gm who abuses their power to ban whoever they desire,the community is as toxic as possible,ninja loot is free because gm alowed it,server crashes all the time,the server scripting is horrible in some cases,server pvp is dead,barely a single bg in the night time,i suggest not to waste time here because eventually u'll be harrased by a group of players that have been playing world of warcraft forever,with no life

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