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Anaconda WoW MoP

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Open Now! Do have working bots for dungeons, raid, lfg and battle grounds etc. World Wide working AI. x10 Professions work
Discord: https://discord.gg/tysKztv8ha

I could put a bunch of fluff here. About rate etc. I feel not needed.

Come check it for yourself Dungeons,raids.arenas,battle grounds all works and are running. Our bots will fill any that is needed.

Come on over and check us out! Most of all Have Fun!    

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Server Reviews

6 Reviews
(5.00 out of 5)

Fresh Server

Written by Nightshift Nightshift
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Still a very new server.
Working my way through it, level 30 now and have had almost no issues with quests/bugs.
Not to say there wont be, because every server has them.
Admin listen when I bring up concerns.
Bots are fun, and i actually get to do bg's.
Players will be better, but this definitly hits the PvP itch when i need it!

New Server

Written by wowiskingster wowiskingster
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Have to admit. For a brand new server. It is running great. No issues as of yet. Quest seem to be in order. Loving it so far!

Fresh server

Written by gameringdino gameringdino
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i just join this server a week or so ago. And my experience is awesome. The staff is great and understanding and very knowledgeable. I am very glad I found this server


Written by SingHarmony SingHarmony
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I am having the most fun on this server! I play on a lot of servers and compared to others this one doesn't have a lot of bugs. If you do find one the Owner/dev will respond quickly to fix it. I really enjoy the bots. They add some diversity to the game making MOP easyer in some ways and harder in others. The Xp increase is at a sweet spot, having leveled so many times, it's fast so I don't dread the grind but no so fast I don't get attached to my chars. If your looking for a server to make some new friends this is the one! Also with the bots you can level more then one char at once, on the same account, it's cool!

Good server

Written by TripleX TripleX
Upvote 2
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Love the server got to level 73 so far and had so much fun thus far. Experience has been great the community is good. I recommend this server for new players. Bots do the job

Good Server

Written by TigerFist TigerFist
Upvote 2
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Love this new server can do quests, dungeons, proffesions, etc and bot help you. I hope at future more ppl join .

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