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GamersCentral.de is a multi-gaming community and since 2012. With the aim of connecting gamers to each other.


Moon of Dragon - Wrath of the Lich King has two realms running. Custom and Normal - Powered by AzerothCore and based on Wrath of the Lich King.

About this Realm Moon of Dragon- (World of Warcraft):

We notice that there are not finished areas like worgen start area, quests are buggy. As exemple.

Another exemple, Exils reach is not completed. You only can done 3 quests and thats all.

More frequently asked question will you find at our website under the specific menu.


We do use trinitycore emulator. With the latest version of battle.net world of warcraft client.

You need a custom launcher to be able to connect to our private server. Called: Arctium Launcher

We always stay up-to-date with latest version of the world of warcraft retail client from battle.net.

We do not have a developer team. That means we can not fixing bugs by our own. But you can report bugs and hope for a fix very soon.

Custom Stuff:

* Every hour there will be an autoroll which gives you a chance to win a item or level.

* We implanted something that unlocks the 4 extra bag slots for your inventory. So it will be actually inceased by 4 slots.

We are open source:

Actually you can get a copy from our emulator. (CUSTOM SCRIPTS, DATABASE, MAPS, VMAPS, MMAPS, DBC, GT, CAMERA - NOT INCLUDED)


You always can check:

What will be added in near future:

What for bugs are exist and need to be fixed- also coming updates:

* To report bugs by yourself:

* To ask questions about the core itself or other stuff like that please join their discord server:


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Best Server

Written by Dragonfly Dragonfly
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I like the Dragonflight Server new scripted stuff best Support und Service Ticket in sec completed GMS excellent


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Written by wowiskingster wowiskingster
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Another one that does not appear to be online. ??

Server Owner Reply

Replied by TheFrozen TheFrozen
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Hi there, somehow the site here has issues. Because we do add the correct url and it does appear for not reachable. But now it should be fixed.

The problem now if you visit the site. You will redirect to https:// and not to http:// somehow. It means you will get a warning about unsafe site or something because the https://. And we do not have a certificate for it at the moment.

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