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Imperia-WoW Fun 100 level

Published by imperial2/24/2023  |  

- Party menu use command .menuparty

- Customizable Racials System. Mix them up as you wish. Use .rs to open it.

- Bonus stat system added (Soul Levels) use .soul to open it. - New Phase switch npc in the mall enjoy the hidden bosses.

*The bosses have variety of stuff. The drop chance is 10% but the rewards can be very useful.

- New Guild Master Token giving the guild leaders more option on their guild.

- New Sponsor rank with even more stuff added to it.

- New Anti Speed and Fly hack Script added. 1st ban 24h / 2nd ban 3 days / 3th ban 7 days / 4th is Permanent.

- New Anti zone script added your character will be frozen and will be kicked every time you try to log in if you use teleport hack duration is 730 days.

- V.I.P Island protected non vip members will be teleported back to the mall.

- 200k Gold bars now have 200k gold sell price use them to maintain your gold and purchase Custom gems.

Gameboy mounts are added in the store.

- Spell power bonus added to jewelry and bags.

- All weapon damages increased by 90%

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