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Imperia-WoW Fun 100 level

Published by imperial2/24/2023  |  

- Increased hp by 25% .

- New mall.

- Movement speed in mall increased.

- .ST Command added works as .mall

- New Doctor Who farming area.

- Farmable donor items.

- Farmable items can be upgraded to acutal donors with less tokens.

- New daily chests added. 10 small chests 5 medium chests 3 large chests 1 rare chest All chests are hidden in Azshara crater use the Doctor who portal to get closer.

- Hybrid class for Mage/Rogue/Warrior.

                                     More information can  be found Here

- New commands for Hybrid class function.

- New .menu command. List of the menu command : Reparir your items Open bank Open mailbox Morphs 10 gold each Auction house Morphs You can morph By id or By name of the npc

- Bounty Hunter added.

- New Leveling rate npc set your own rate.

- Slight adjustments done on the leveling.

From now on the rate is lowered then it used to be in the begining since the xp rate npc is here. The loot of the leveling mobs is adjusted and now they have the chance of giving you 1k gold bar. The gold drop is adjusted on all places highest one is the gold farm. The leveling mobs will drop 5 gold each.

- New Dota 2 sounds for battle grounds you will hear first blood and the rest when killing and enemy.

- World boss kill announcement added.

- New Customizing npc added requires token from the store.

- Upgraded Transmogifer.

                        Now you can transmog everything into everything.

- New PvP system loot the enemy when you kill it in pvp.

As well now we got a custom donor special buy you can see everything on the Special Offer Click Here

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