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Anything that doesnt fit the established world view of this server, be it on discord or world chat is met with an absurd toxicity, if you dont want to join the community and just go out an play its a great server, but dont ask questions else you get ridiculed and jumped by multiple persons. i came here because i thought the community was nice, but i all got was rejection and arrogance, the GM's are toxic in world chat "sanctified" belittles people on a regular base and calls it banter, even if people say they dont like it. the same attitude is met if you get in contact with "valrosh" the lore writer for the server who rejects any lore that doesnt fit his world view and bends the existing lore to his interpretation, if you critzize or question this behaviour your met with fiercy followers who would do anything to make you look bad and if so constantly brings it up to discredit anything you say, making memes and openly jokes about you. TLDR, play the game ignor the community and you get a decent wow, with no game breaking bugs.

its wotlk, with lvl cap with legion mechanics and overtuned abilities coming from enchants which can increase your dmg output by 2x-3x-(10x*) (*aoe) the community is toxic and disgustingly open about their sexual habits, or either are trolling 24/7 in world chat, its hard to actually understand the differences. its fun for a day, then it gets boring to the same fake gameplay mechanics from retail, slightly increase the difficulty and get +1sr +1stamina per item upgrade. Gearscore and meta gameplay rules the world, its anti social and rejects every aspect of an MMO and RPG.

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