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I joined server some mounths ago purely for HC mode and had my fun with it, even got to 52 recently with my druid. And I should say in technical art it's probably the best server ever. Bugs are mostly non existent, DCs are rare, alot of new content added work quite well. Lorewise added content is great too, evet wanted to know anything about burnt tavern on the border of the Dustwallow Marsh-you go girl, they added questline there and so on. So developers-you are great, thank you for some nostalgia with fresh notes. Though all that gets ruined by ingame support and I guess by same people in Discord. Any word about GMs work-you get mute, any saasy joke-guess what, in best case scenario mute again. Some stupid name like Boobyboi-probably they ask you to rename character. Though you can see there all the funny names like Surovikin(seems going well with their rules and ruin the RP), IskanderZV and so on. Also some people not muted for same silly jokes so you never can tell when it's appropriate or not to have fun. Guess you all understand how it's ended-I got banned silently and to know that I needed to wrote the letter to support. When I asked about why I can't recconect in Discord they just banned me lol after gave me support mail address. Also found someone with same silent ban problem on their forum and guess what-they advice to wrote them a letter to support mail address. So I can guess those ban made silently by same GM by his personal reasons. So you want have fun playing Turtle WoW-disable chats, don't joke and never say anything about GMs work as chat moderator, they have zero tolerance to any discussion, they just ban you silently after several mutes. I am done with that server forever it seems, purely because of people like TinyFin. Sorry for bad english, not my native language.

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