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Project Ascension

Project Ascension is a fully released Classless WoW server offering FFA Loot on Death PvP, Seasonal Servers, High & Low Risk PvP with custom mechanics that allow Loot on Death to function in WoW. We have full time development, balance and supp...
Released Custom  XP Rates:  Population: 2000-5000
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Turtle WoW

We are Turtle WoW, a PVE Vanilla WoW server, supporting RP too. We do our best to provide a unique WoW experience to those players who love questing, community, and everything to do with PvE. We want this to be a stress free, rush free, fun, and c...
Released PvE RP  XP Rates: 1X Population: 100-500
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VanillaPlus – Vanilla Server

VanillaPlus is a recently released WoW Private Server. Their goal is to provide a Vanilla Private Server but with a new flavour in 2020. This involves discarded features, new challenges, community driven development based on suggestions, as Vanill...
Released Custom PvP  XP Rates: 1X Population: 100-500
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RetroWoW – 1.12.1 – Vanilla

RetroWoW is a popular Vanilla Private Server also known as a Classic WoW Private Server. Retro-WoW offers plenty of features for you to enjoy the game, if you are into a non-blizzlike Vanilla realm. Features of Retro-WoW: – Instant 60 server...
Released PvP  XP Rates: Instant Population: 500-1000
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3.3.5a Twink-progressive NO-PROFIT server with 100% open-source development.
Fresh PvE PvP  XP Rates: 1X Population: 100-500
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VanillaGaming – 1.12.1 WoW Server

A stable Vanilla Private Server founded in 2009. If you are into stable Vanilla Servers, VanillaGaming might be for you! VanillaGaming offers a 1 or 15X experience rate ingame, and a reputation, drop-rate of x1, as well as gold rate being X2. The ...
Released PvP  XP Rates: 2-5X Population: 100-500
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NostalGeek – WoW Vanilla

A World Of Warcraft Vanilla PRE-BC private server, running on version 1.12. It is one of the oldest FR 1.12 servers, running since 2009. According to NostalGeek, they offer the following: – Scripted Instances and Raids – Pathfinding. N...
Released PvP  XP Rates: 1X Population: 100-500
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Dreadnaught – Classic Plus Blizzlike content Highrate optional Instant 60 – NEW

New Realm project launched JAN 1 2021 Welcome to Dreadnaught (PvP) Classic WoW+ 1.12.1 blizzlike-custom realm. A speedy route to 60. 3x exp kills, 7x exp quests, 1x drop rates, 5x money. Optional classic heirloom items added to the game to ease th...
Fresh PvP  XP Rates: 2-5X Population: 0-100
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WoW Vanilla Private Servers

Classic WoW Private Servers are trending and are very popular. On this page, you can find an updated list of Vanilla WoW Servers, both blizzlike and customized servers that offer you a 1.x experience. Through our Vanilla Server list, you can filter the server-type, population, release status, realm language, realm rates, and more! We have an advanced sorting system, so you can easily find the servers that match the Vanilla Servers you are looking for.

Best WoW Vanilla Private Servers in 2020, 2021

In case you need a break from retail – classic, or you simply don’t/can’t afford a subscription, we have combined a list of the Best Classic WoW Private Servers, for you that is relevant in 2020 and upcoming 2021.

Based on your needs, if you are searching for a Blizzlike Vanilla Server, you can consider Elysium-project. It is a 1x rated server with around 500-1000 players online. It however has quite a bad reputation, so if you care about that – you might want to avoid Elysium.

If you are into the end-game of Vanilla, Retro-WoW might be an obvious choice. It is an instant 60 server, so you get a possibility to get straight into the end-game. This way, you avoid having to level up the long road from 1-60, if you don’t enjoy it.

In case you’re still searching for blizzlike WoW Vanilla Servers but with a modified touch-up, you can consider VanillaPlus. It is a 1X rated Classic Private Server with around 500-1000 players online, and an English speaking server.

If you’re still in doubt, we recommend you to check through the full list of our combined Vanilla Servers. This way, you can make your own opinion of the servers. We made sure to include as much relevant information as possible, on the Vanilla WoW Servers that are listed. Visitors of Zremax have rated the Vanilla Private Servers they have an opinion about. We hope you will also review the servers you have played on, as it will help other WoW Players decide which Vanilla Server to play on.

How do I play on a Vanilla WoW Private Server?

Classic-WoW was released in 2019 by Blizzard. After a lot of hype, and petition to make Blizzard actually launch the Classic realms, it finally happened. While it has been a major success, it however appears that many WoW Private Server players are starting to lose the interest, and go back to Private Servers. Therefore, we made sure to include a decent list of the best Vanilla Private Servers, so you as a player can find the Classic WoW Servers you are looking for.

Hopefully, you have by now found a WoW Vanilla Server you have found interesting. Afterward, you need to register on their website and get a client, and note down their Realmlist, and you are ready to play Vanilla.


WoW Vanilla Private Servers are pretty popular, and we have made a list of updated classic servers, that you can play on. Hopefully, you have now found a Vanilla Server that you consider as the best. We hope you will have a great experience on the server, and gain great moments.

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