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Zremax has implemented a completely new and updated site to give you the best experience while you browse our World of Warcraft server related content! This is the official Zremax update of 2
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Apr 11 2023 By zremax

2023 updates related to Zremax

New website launch!

We at Zremax, are extremely happy to announce the launch of Zremax' new website!This includes a completely new design, and a custom website coded from scratch, by the Zremax team. Our goal is clear - to be the main platform for everything related to WoW private servers, and become the go-to place for WoW content.In order to achieve this, the first step was a completely new and fresh design. Furthermore, we now have the full flexibility to implement new features on the site, which will be announced shortly!

Zremax WoW Private Server 2023

Zremax is open for feedback!

We are always curious to hear what you think about it. Join our discord and let us know! Open for discussion in the general chat. The new site is already running live as we speak. Browse through our site, and you will see a lot of new functionality added to the site.

The future of Zremax

With the implementation of our new site, we are going to be focusing a lot on blog content, and providing useful WoW Guides, resources and such, for you guys.

Currently, we are working on implementing an addons section for World of Warcraft. Additionally, we will continue to provide content such as , and all the other content we can see that you guys are engaged in!

Discord integration at Zremax

Another great feature that we are proud of having implemented is a Discord integration for Registration and Logging in! Yes, you heard right. Discord is a popular site for gamers, and since we are a gaming platform focusing on World of Warcraft, we wanted to create a connection. In practice, it means that you will be able to register and login on Zremax through your Discord account!The safety of your password will be handled directly through Discord using OAuth2, and we are only asking for the minimum required data, such as your Username.


All in all, we are excited about the future of Zremax, and will do our best to provide the best World of Warcraft related site for this scene. We will continue to write World of Warcraft content and useful tutorials and server news!

Happy browsing!

Best Regards,

Zremax Team

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