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May 17 2020 By zremax

We are an online platform that will help you find . Zremax stands out by being a modern solution, with a simple design. Just as you open it you see the servers right in front of you. Our filters have everything you need in order to find the best server for you to call home.

Zremax WoW Private Servers

Zremax is "pay-2-win" free

Most of the websites, formally recognized as Topsites such as Xtremetop100, that list are known as "Pay-2-Win", meaning that the top servers on these type of sites are not necessarily the right choice for you! Honest speaking, they are usually affected by "Vote manipulation", where the servers with most money manipulate with the voting system. We made sure that this is not the case at Zremax! Our system is modern, changed and designed to be relevant in 2020! Zremax includes a menu with the most common possibilities such as expansion, server-type, features on the server, and type. The purpose of this, is that you can quickly and easily, find the kind of server you like. There's no reason to filter through server-expansions that you dislike, as you can simply filter it out with us. Unless, you of course would like to explore different types, which we support as well. Shortly explained, Zremax is built to quickly give you an overview of the best servers. The best servers that is your kind of style. Every server gets a chance, as Zremax is NOT a "pay-2-win" website. We care about our site-reputation, as we want to offer you a great experience.

Zremax for Server Players

If you haven't figured out already, our site is perfect for people who are looking to find a new that they can perhaps call their new home. It's also obvious for those who simply seek inspiration and want to explore, or try something new. We don't believe that it has to be complicated finding a server that is your style in today's date. Due to that, we have really focused on making it as easy as possible for you, and not over-complicate anything. It's possible to register on our website, as a Server Player too. Doing so, will give you many benefits. You can rate the servers that are listed, you can post reviews and share your thoughts! At our site, we have required the server owners to specify relevant information to the server. It is done so that you can quickly read the server, and figure out if it's something for you. This includes specific details such as realmlist, discord link, server-population, server type, server-reviews and ratings, screenshots and so on. The purpose is to ensure that you can read about the server, and find out if it first you. All done through one click. If the specific server is not for you, you can return back. After doing so, you can continue to find the next suggested server on the list, within your filters. Sounds easy right? We believe it is! That's what Zremax is here for, and what it's designed to be.

Zremax for Server Owners

As our website is a location where we have many potential wow players. Zremax is also an obvious place for the server owners to add themselves. The reason is that the visitors are mostly searching for new to explore, so why not do the obvious thing, and add yours too? It's quick and easy to add your server to our database-list. It is done by registering an account on our website. After doing so, press the "Add new Server" in the top right corner. The better you present your server, which is done by giving proper information, server-details, screenshots etc., that provide knowledge as to what your server is about, the more likely the player is to visit your website & server. That way, you can actually grow your , just by adding it to our list, which is completely free - without any cost! The questions that you need to answer, upon adding your server, is really straight forward, and takes around 5 minutes. Make sure to enter the details properly. We moderate and verify the added servers deeply, as we want the listings to be detailed and clear. In return, you get more traffic, players, SEO improvements by a valuable back-link, and awareness to your server. After your server has been added and verified, it will be possible for server-players to rate your server and post their feedback about it (review). Zremax has implemented a feature where you can bump your listed server every 24 hour, for free. This means that you can take it from the current position in our list, to the top, for free. It's possible to do so every 24 hour! That makes sure that your server has a chance (for free), to get seen more. All done by being in the top - when you bump it. Make sure to re-visit Zremax, and give your added server a bump, when the 24 hours has passed!


Zremax really can be an obvious choice for both server players, as well as server owners. It's free, it's built to be modern and quick. We believe we are superior to any similar site, as we fill in the needs that all the other similar sites have. Our goal is to have a trustable platform related to where players can filter and search for their type of server, and where server-owners get a free opportunity to get more players.

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