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Menethil is a cross-faction high rate realm where we want to improve the experience of World of Warcraft's most popular expansion and patch release: Wrath of the King King (3.3.5) with various quality of life changes and content design changes deemed reasonable.

Many changes have been the result of feedback and suggestions from the founding community thus far, and we believe that there's always room for improvement in all areas of the game. We read every piece of constructive feedback and suggestions posted on all platforms.

We do not offer combat / end-game gear in our donation store. You may purchase heirlooms to quicken your leveling experience, rest remains pure-cosmetic or something of convenience.

Reaching the end-game is also made far easier than the standard blizz-like model. Here is a list of some of the notable changes for leveling and end-game content:

  • You will have access to all flight paths right from the start.

  • You will automatically learn your class spells free of charge as you level. Including low-level class quests, such as Warlock demons and Tame Beast.

  • Riding training up to and including Expert Riding (150% flying) is free.

  • Rare monsters in the world grant a significant amount of experience.

  • Preparation for Icecrown Citadel requires far less time, as the Emblem of Triumph vendor offers a much wider selection of items. In addition, the rate at which Emblems of Triumphs are obtained is significantly increased and are tradable, so you may help your friends obtain gear or assist your own alternate characters.

  • The auction house is stocked with not only low-level items for leveling, but 200 item-level gear at a low cost to get you started after freshly reaching level 80.

  • Icecrown Citadel has a new achievement to challenge your raiding team. See on our discord or in-game.

  • You can purchase a Raid Rejuvenation Potion in-game for 200 gold to reset your raid lockout, allowing you to raid whenever you want, as many times as you want.

  • Random Battlegrounds victory count achievements have been added. Honor ranks are back in the game with a method for obtaining Wrathful Gladiator gear.

  • Arena Season rewards have been finalized and improved.

  • Honor and Arena point rates are doubled.

  • Double XP Events are running every weekend which will increase your XP rate gained from mobs, elites and quests.

Some of our quality of life changes are listed below. Of these changes, some are the result of suggestions from our growing community. A massive thank you to those that took the time to do so.

  • Flying mounts can be used in all mountable areas of the game, changing depending on location, similar to Cataclysm functionality.

  • Dalaran City no longer has a flight restriction.

  • Various items, such as trading goods and Soul Shards for warlocks stack to 200.

  • Profession combat bonus items can be accessed without leveling the profession, and you’re able to swap between them with ease.

  • Icecrown Citadel 25-Player Normal Mode is flexible to a minimum of 15, so you shouldn’t need to exclude anyone if you have a little less than 25 players. A thank you to the guild <No Name> for this suggestion.

  • And more!

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Not bad

Written by stevo stevo
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Nice quality of life changes, leveling my second character here already.
I like the fact that you can reset your instance lockout, meaning you can grind every day.
Also a lot of chances for solo players like me to gain gold and exchange it into entry ICC gear, which is nice.
Staff is respectful and answer the tickets pretty quickly.
It seems that the biggest peaks are at weekend, on weekdays its solo.

menethil server

Written by gamy gamy
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one of the most efficient wrath server i've ever found , the server is unique and added alot of interesting cool things such as gearing with gold which give everyone the chance to join raids easily with decent gear also the challenger mode which is coming in feb which is very creative content and doesn't exist on any other server.
keep it up :)

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