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Server Decription

Veritas is delighted to reveal the arrival of our latest blizzlike PVE server. To eliminate log queue times, we're introducing PVP AI Bots to populate battlegrounds and implementing Flex/auto-balance mechanics for regular dungeons. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey!

Server features include:

x5 XP and Rates

Heirloom Vendors in all starting areas and major cities (FREE)

Free custom mount rideable at lvl 10. (No skill required)

Reset NPC (Unlimited Reset)

Auto-learn spells

PVP Bots in BGs

Auto-Balance/Flex dungeons/Solo RDF!

Cross Faction Auction house, trade, mail, BG, and Guilds

Any Class/Any Race

3 Main Profs

Custom world boss

Custom items/mounts

Anti-DDoS 24/7

Friendly English Speaking Staff

At Veritas, community is at the heart of everything we do. Rest assured, we are committed to maintaining a realm free from pay-to-win elements. We're thrilled to kickstart this adventure and invite anyone interested or with questions to join our Discord community. Let's embark on this journey together!

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/WvZwQW6sRH

site: Veritas-wow.com

Server News

WoW server news
"Starting March 29th to April 1st, Veritas invites you to our Double XP Weekend! Enjoy double XP, reputation, professions, and honor. Don't miss out o...

Server Reviews

7 Reviews
(4.43 out of 5)

Great new server

Written by cdiddy cdiddy
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Friendly staff, a chatty GM who answers questions and is quick to help out new players, and overall, it's a great experience.
They cater to WoW players of all types; whether you enjoy raiding or solo dungeoneering, it's easy to level, gather, and have a good time!
As a plus, they scaled raiding down for the 10 mans to 7, and as it's a newer server with a population that's slowly climbing, this is a HUGE plus.

Very pleasant experience

Written by icsgrec icsgrec
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I've been playing here for a couple of weeks and I quite enjoyed it so far.
What I like the most is that the staff own up for their mistakes and they are open to suggestions and talks about improvements by actively listening to the community.
The server has great potential and I can only hope the best for it, the staff and the community!

Very fun server

Written by flygafara flygafara
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Imo this is by far the best private server ive played on so far. i love being part of the small community (so far) who all engage in helping the staff to make this server an amazing place for all sorts of players. The Staff are always hands on with any problems that might occur, and always help out with even the smallest thing. The staff are always pushing out new updates and new exciting things that is both of their own thought and from the suggestion channel in the server discord.

Unique solo experience

Written by bullerko bullerko
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I've been playing wotlk expansion for some years on multiple private servers or even retail, but I have never had exeperience like this. For me, the ability to solo clear dungeons is the selling point. I often have limited time to play and even on servers like warmane I spent half of that time in a rhc queue as a dps, but on veritas I can log whenever I want and clear as much as I can.

Leveling was fast and smooth, due to the free heirlooms, autolearning abilities and solo dungeons.

Staff seems to be active and transparent about changes with different polls about next updates, so I think its on a good way.

Only downside I see right now, is lack of population, which is understandable for a new server, so if my review can help with that, I will be glad.

So if u are interested, definitely give it a try and see for youself.

Great fun server/progression

Written by giggles8858 giggles8858
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Started off a bit rocky but the Gm’s seem to have most of the bugs worked out. The server is super fun with 5X xp and double xp weekends that also applies to rep and professions. Makes farming rep for mounts easy! Easy but still fun to gear a toon with the solo scaling for heroics and the ability to reset your lockout so that you can run the same ones as many times a day that you would like. Honestly nothing but good experiences here. Responsive gm’s that actually listen to player feedback. Highly recommend

Solo Players Dream

Written by Aggras Aggras
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I started playing here a couple weeks ago and have enjoyed every moment. From AoE looting to Being able to rely on myself for dungeons and grinding out my own gear at my own pace has really been a treat. No need to wait on a que that'll never pop. I've had no struggles thus far in playing the way i like to. To touch on other things its lively for the amount of players accumulated so far. GM's are super friendly and willing to answer/ ask questions. I have 0 complaints. If you're looking for a good experience in WotLK Veritas is one of my personal top picks.

Horrible GMs and Bad updates

Written by TripleX TripleX
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There's plenty of problems with this server and you could say it stemmed from the server receiving update after update everyday, then they decided to do nothing on the XP that was being given in the dungeons. Then they increased the difficulty because ONE person told them to so when it said Solo, it was not even close. But the reason for the title saying Horrible GMs is because the admin known as Thunder which by the way types like he's 12, is banning people for submitting complaints and telling him to back off when he's on ANOTHER server bashing someone for submitting a valid complaint. As an Admin it's your job to be responsible and professional with your community aswell as other communities. It convinces people that the server is well looked after by professionals. Also just incase they try to deny this fact, I have evidence of his actions. Archer I don't know why you can't just fire this guy and hire someone better for it. For Veritas please do this.

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