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Raiden-wow WotLK offers everal benefits to the solo player, as a solo player you will have access to NPC bots that will join your journey and dominate through content alone.

Raiden-WoW WotLK has 2 Realms available to play in , Anix-Realm which is Mid Rated and Nemesis-Realm which is High Rated.

Pick your rates and join the journey!
Hope to see some new faces!

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The Owner\'s Hostility to Complaints

Written by TripleX TripleX
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I have screenshots showing the Owners hostility towards his community when they write a report/complaint regarding the bugs displayed in the game. The Owner has refused to resolve this bugs and would rather insult and slander the reporter. I have been on the end of this verbal assault and once again I have screenshots showing these ignorant responses, I highly recommend going over to Anaconda WoW or Stormgarde at this point if you want a solo experience with Bots. This server has been pourly been made and quite frankly the owners can't handle criticism.

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