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Welcome to Omnis-World, we are a 3.3.5a custom funserver where you start at level 255. Our realm will initially be PvP oriented with planned PvE content in future updates. The Omnis staff team values creativity and quality Development. We strive to do our best to create the most enjoyable experience for the 255 community. This means we have put in a lot of effort to ensure this experience and we hope you will share this same experience with us.   Balance Philosophy Our most important goal is to have balanced environments. There has been a significant focus on balancing classes - a few key elements on how we've accomplished this can be seen on the list below. - Giving players 100% crit. This will reduce the rng values vividly. - Different armor/physical damage reduction categories - e.g. Cloth>Leather>Mail>Plate. - Blizzlike resistances. - No spell casts below 1.0s (cds included). - No melee attack speed below 1.0s, Enhancement Shaman off-hand excluded. - +1 ability per class where they lack certain tools in particular areas. - Forcing hybrids to weapon swap in order to heal or deal damage. - Dividing AP/SP differencials with gems, glyphs, professions and enchants. - Spell revamps. ^- e.g. Expose Armor, increasing physical damage taken by 5%. - Healing Tide Totem instead of Mana Tide Totem. - Water Shield reducing magical damage taken by 10% up to 3 charges. - Innervate, increasing spell damage by 10%. - Most importantly, granular spell balancing and resilience calculations. Game Content & Other Qualities - Server hosted Arena Tournaments with prize pools, amount unknown as of now. - Weekly events, e.g. 1v1 tournaments, 2v2, 3v3, 10v10 premade battlegrounds, All-Star (5v5 1v1). - In-game store, with a friendly user interface. - Customly made Transmogrification interface - Revamped/Custom Professions - Scaled enchants and gems - Player vs Player ranks system, obtained through honor kills; World PvP, BG & Arenas. - Fast Arena Box, allows players to quick start the arena match inside the waiting room by right-clicking the box. Once all players have done so, the match will immediately begin. - World Chat, allows all players to communicate through a global chat via /world. - World Chat icons, a player can order a custom icon/avatar for World Chat if approved. - Customly made Mall. - Customly made Profession Hub. - Functioning Auction House, a market for transmogrification items, profession materials/enhancements and more. - Gold has value and is a thing, can be used for trading, transmogrification items, auction housing and more. - Custom Mounts from other expansions - Limited patch size, every +expansion item, creature or spell is carefully selected to make patch size as minimal as possible. - Racial Swap, a feature that allows you to change your current racial to any other racial within the game. - Seasonal Arena & Gear resets every x/months. - Minimized teleporting options and flying mounts with a desire to increase player interactions. Our Mall will be the center of everything, with entrances around it to unique maps/zones.   And much more, this is just the start for Omnis-World and we intend to have frequent updates with more content coming your way. We take your feedback very seriously. Polls will be regularely made to receive feedback about certain changes or plans we may have. If you've read this far, we highly appreciate you. We visualize a friendly community where all that matters to us, are you, the players. With all of that said, feel free to join us for our open Beta during the 9th of August to the 15th where we will cover everything that Omnis currently has to offer!  

Discord: https://discord.gg/ZJybyAm Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJbiKyvCRRI

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