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The best lvl 85 3.3.5 fun server. Contribute in monthly/weekly events and increase your chance to win real money $$.

Custom Instances, Custom Items, Custom Xmog, Custom Spells and talents!!!
Join discord to create an account: https://discord.com/invite/ZBp78sAAvE

Server News

WoW server news
In order to support new comers, we removed the limit and skil required of Quick Dragon's eye. Addtionally we increased the haste amount to 50.
WoW server news
- Silver VIP is now available for both VT and DP. you can check the silver VIP preview vendor for this quest. it cost 300 VT - After Restart U...
WoW server news
We have Added Mond-Wow Reputation. you can increase your reputation by doing quests and  Compelete your achievements, gain Rewards such as Flying mou...
WoW server news
Changelog for DonationStore: - internal refactoring of code - now removes all items from previous VIP Set on upgrade (some were left in bags/ba...
WoW server news
New Instance: The Clash Of Titans has been released: 1. You Will need Clash of titan portal which Drops From Azshara with 20% chance In order to be a...

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Written by Naruto97 Naruto97
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So the Gms support Toxicity and dep how much money you pay they dont really ban even if u brake rules there are not many ppl online but the 2-3 i wont name, that are alsmot always there are really making toxic community and the head GM support them because they pay money, not 100% sure why but cuz they are donors i see only thats why, i dont have any other reason and ban who ever report them, even with Facts and evidance, and seems nothing to work against those ppl

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