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Quel-Serrar 255 PVE/PVP

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Server features:

- Instant 255
- Balanced Classes
- Custom Instances
- Custom Tier 1 to Tier 20
- PvP Vendor
- Gurubashi Arena
- 1v1 Arena
- Working Battlegrounds & Arena
- Custom Gems & Enchants
- Instant Professions
- Custom Quests & World Bosses
- All classes unlocked for every race
- Special PvP reward per kill system
- VIP & VOTE Items
- Custom Weapons & Weapon Upgrades
- Special Morphs
- Transmog system - Transmog Mall -
- Refund System - available
- Reforging System - available
- vote store System - available
- Donor store System - available
- Donor / Vote exchanger System -available
- Playing-Time DP/VP/Items System - Available
- Gamble System - available
- Casino System - available
- VIP Instance - available
- World Chat System - available
- Base Stats 15% UP
- Transmogrification System - available
- Cross-faction Arena/Wsg available

Added T21 Main / offsets
Added T22 Main / offsets
Vote & Donation store script reworked
Cata Transmog Content & Farm instances Added
T22 PvP / Vendor added
T21 PvP / Vendor added
T22 Daily Quests Added
Reworked Follow Movement
Fixed issue with beastmaster if you already had a unsummoned pet
Judgement of Light healing nerfed
We now have a new system that allows us to nerf spells for PvP only. More PvP tuning will come in future updates.
We have modified the Custom Instances-> Tier 1 to Tier 7, and added a new effect: * Killing a mob will get you excited, granting you a buff where you will gain haste and speed (Get Excited!) * Killing 15 mobs will proc the Reaping affix, resulting in a Val'kyr angel pulling all the mobs and resurrecting them with a Berserk buff, allowing you to gain more loot * Questgivers will now follow the player in stealth, so you don't have to return to the start of the dungeon for upgrading gear.
Launcher has been updated with some optimizations and new features Discord bot added for world chat, you can now communicate with players in game through

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