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Imperia-WoW Fun 100 level

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Fun server

Max level 100

Over 100000 custom items.

Over 1000m HP.

More then 10000 Transmogs form diferent game versions.

(Cata / MOP / WOD and Legion)

All battlegrounds are working.

Balanced PvP.

All instances and raids working.

Balanced classes.

All Arenas are working

(2v2 / 3v3 / 5v5)

Hybrid Classes

Custom menus

Things that you can't find in any other world of warcraft server.

New Development.

Open for all players ideas.

Server News

WoW server news
- Increased hp by 25% . - New mall. - Movement speed in mall increased. - .ST Command added works as .mall - New Doctor Who farming area. - Farma...
WoW server news
- Party menu use command .menuparty - Customizable Racials System. Mix them up as you wish. Use .rs to open it. - Bonus stat system added (Soul Leve...

Server Reviews

3 Reviews
(5.00 out of 5)

Expectations Met

Written by Wacky Wacky
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Whenever I join a 255 Fun server for Wow I always have 1 question, what does this place that's unique when I started playing here that question got answered in the first 5mins!

A unique way of gearing, you have world bosses, you have pvp active, you have bg you have almost everything! That's what attracted me more and got me to get my friends to play here also!

Imperia 255

Written by LenkaUtsugi LenkaUtsugi
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Nice and very unique server. Gearing is not so easy but not hard too. There are tons of items from the next expansions. The staff is polite and they do updates every month.

Excellent Server

Written by Quadral Quadral
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Friendly community and the staff members are helpful and respectful.

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