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Guardians of Neprahines is a roleplay-centric game stationed on reverse-engineered 3.3.5 WOTLK. The Game is lore-rich, and seeks to entertain avid role players specifically.

The game's primary inspirations are:

Jujutsu Kaisen,

The Boys,
My Hero Academia,
Mutants & Masterminds,
DC Comics,
Medieval Eastern European Mythology,

And its own customized lore.

Role-play is, by and large, player-driven, with staff members facilitating role-play via events.

Players can choose between:

Libra, is the top geopolitical power and dominant country on the continent, frequently contests against Black Market Organizations, Cultists, and Monsters. They're some rumours, within the darker embers of the Kingdom demons will soon emerge.

Kargath, the second-strongest nation, is a geopolitical heavyweight, with a raging hatred for Librans, though, it's rumored the Kargathian Supreme Commander is a practitioner of occultist rituals. However, he proclaims himself to be a God.


To be non-aligned as a criminal, or cultist who serves themselves, or their sect/gang.

Criminals can also be Bounty Hunters, Narcos, and so on.

You can be:

An Anti-Hero who serves themselves, and their goals alone.

A Hero fighting for what's right, and the good of the people.

An outright antagonist, who seeks to do nothing but harm.

You can have most fictional powers you think of, within reason, as it's entirely role-played. However, to prevent metagaming, and power-gaming some of it is regulated.

Now what do you choose? To fight for the good of your fellow man in Libra, and Kargath?

Or to damn the world into suffering at the behest of the Septim Gods, and their cultists.

What do you say? Give it a shot.

https://discord.gg/22hVdARRuz -- Talk to us about YOUR character here!~

https://neraphines.freeforums.net/thread/94/roleplay-guide -- Read lore here!

Server News

WoW server news
Progression Update:- Stats can now go up to 50 (previously 25).- Maximum Power Level raised to 48000 (the PL requirements have only been increased for...
WoW server news
The Imperial Kargathian NewspaperIn the early hours of the morning, The Kingdom Of Kargath & Cesterfield suffered a devastating magical attack fro...

Server Reviews

3 Reviews
(4.67 out of 5)

Dynamic Systems

Written by genny_gangg genny_gangg
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The systems within this game are pretty dynamic, each one is concise and clearly explains it’s functions. Each player is capable of using it for themselves with full knowledge as they’re able to reference it at any point, and they’re capable of being used long-term to where a experienced player is more inclined to use them as well. Overall, the Owner did a pretty outstanding job at making it for the community and making the roleplay attributes a key attraction for other people.

Best RP

Written by kalista1864 kalista1864
Upvote 2
Downvote 0

I've been in many rps and this one is by far the most fun I've had. This is a really well-thought-out system. With lots of freedom as well towards creating powers. This may seem daunting at first but don't worry. We're a great welcoming community who have no issue helping those who have a lot of questions.


Written by unlimitedwarfare unlimitedwarfare
Upvote 1
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Never have I been in a better RP than in this one. The power creation is extremely freeform alongside the ability to do anything you want as long as it abides by the rules is phenomenal. 8/10 because WoW got no drip.

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