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EastGuard WoW is a mix of the best features that the WoW community has to offer. We offer Blizzlike scripting combined with our warforging and other quality of life features that makes your stay even more awesome. EastGuard walks the fine line between classic WOTLK and custom and our philosophy is to never stray far from classic.


Server Information

·        5x EXP
·        3x Professions
·        3 Professions
·        Half Raid Reset Timer
·        Solo LFG

·        Group EXP not reduced
·        Flex & Solo Raids
·        Custom Class Quests & Spells
·        Crossfaction
·        One Custom Currency usable at the in-game store with great UI
·        Warforging
·        Reagent Warehouse
·        All Races & Classes
·        Flexible Transmog System
·        Updated AzerothCore
·        Rare Spawns System - stronger and more rewarding!
·        DDOS & Cheat Protection
·        Data Backups

Website: eastguardwow.com


Server News

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Server Reviews

2 Reviews
(3.00 out of 5)

Flex Raids

Written by  Fanits Fanits
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Great community, costume content.

Terrible Server

Written by samuelca2 samuelca2
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Initially I was pleasantly surprised with the features on this server. Sadly, however after giving some minor constructive critiques on the guides posted on the website and some features of the server which were horrifically unbalanced not only was I banned from the Discord, but my entire account with all my characters was completely removed. Highly recommend avoiding this server with a ten foot pole since not only was this the owner of the server acting this petty, but there were many other major issues with the balancing of the server. Not to mention the incredibly toxic community he has fostered on there.

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