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Duskhaven - 3.3.5 (Wotlk+)

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Duskhaven is a 3.3.5 PTE Server with additional content, starting from Vanilla up to WotLK. It offers Mythic+, challenging Raids and new Quests Join the Duskhaven discord! to stay up to date on server news and interact with other players.  


  • Mythic+ System

  • Additional quests for many zones to help with the leveling progress and promote player interaction

  • Increased Raid Difficulty for Classic Raids

  • Reworked Tier Sets obtainable from Classic Raids and Mythic+

  • Multiple new spells for each class

  • Specs which were considered "bad" have received a buff to even out the balance

  • Timewalking

  • Tokens for visual items

  • Crossfaction AH, Raiding and LFG. New Character Builds (Tank Shaman, Smite Priest)

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Dungeons have their quests available at the start of each dungeon.

  • New Heirloom Items have been added to help you level up. (obtainable via tokens from custom quests)

  • Apprentice Riding can now be acquired at a earlier level. If you wish to do so, you will have to complete a custom dungeon

  • Weapon Skills are automatically maxed out

  • Soul Shards are now stackable up to 200

  • Dungeon Satchel's reward more useful goods (scrolls, buff-food etc) Healthstones have multiple Charges

Rates XP: x5 (1x is also available) Reputation: x4 Drop: x2 Profession: x4 Gold: x2 Healing has been reduced by ~35% Raids are scaling for 7-15 Players, and offer an additional Heroic Difficulty, New Bosses and new Abilities

Server News

WoW server news
Naxxramas is now available Karazhan Crypt is the last Raid which will be released before advancing to TBC on the 02.02.2022
WoW server news
WoW server news
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXVKrDb8398&ab_channel=Duskhaven Duskhaven is a custom PTE+ Server which expands upon the best versions of WoW ...

Server Reviews

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(5.00 out of 5)

I haven\'t had that much fun in a wotlk client EVER!

Written by Snackhrot Snackhrot
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As the title says, I am a player that is enjoying the server a lot and wants to help its population to grow.

I started playing in the beta and the server is now progressing into Tier 2 - Blackwing lair on April 21st.
Tier 1 - Molten Core was really good. With the introduction to some class tweaks that make the gameplay more enjoyable for the level that it's being played at, has been a great experience. For example, elemental shamans have Lava burst, Arcane mages have Arcane blast, Frost deathknights have Obliterate and so on...
Except class improvements, the tier sets from the raids are with re-designed set bonuses which make them interesting and competitive.

Mythic+ dungeons in Wotlk... That are actually working very well.
It has been a great experience to do classic dungeons in an increased difficulty with a set time to complete. With the new season coming out, the highest mythic+ that can be done is a +8 and it is hard!

Population right now is not big, but we have an active group of players that play every day and raid a few times a week.
Of course, glitches sometimes happen, but the owner of the project is quick to respond and listen to our feedback.

Even though it's a fairly high exp server, the questing was actually amazing. When I leveled up my first character, I did not expect that! Nobody cares for leveling these days, especially on a x6 rates, but all quests I did were working properly. There are also custom quests that reward questing tokens and you can buy helm+shoulder heirlooms from them and these quests are very well scripted. Each faction have a small custom quest chain that is very refreshing to do (also it rewards a lot of exp and tokens). These quest chains are in after the starting area of trolls and orcs, at Sen'Jin Village and outside Ironforge, at Kharanos.

Come, join us. We help each other with gearing up and having some fun playing the game.

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