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Bluering is a progressive WOTLK+ private server with backported content and features! Check out Season 0 now for exclusive rewards!

Play: https://discord.gg/335

Trailer: https://trailer.bluering.gg

BlueRing's Season 0 is designed as a progressive level cap season where the focus is on both fun and testing the new systems we’re introducing for BlueRing. Progress and characters from Season 0 will carry over into our permanent non-seasonal realm at the end of the season. Progress will be retained!

Our goals with Season 0 is to get necessary feedback on our dungeon scripting and our new custom systems. To achieve this in a progressive manner we'll be introducing a level cap of level 20 for the initial release. That means the dungeons available for end-game, at level 20, will be Ragefire Chasm, The Deadmines, Wailing Caverns, and Shadowfang Keep.

We'll additionally be introducing heroic and mythic dungeon difficulties for these dungeons that drop scaled up rewards with the intent of testing our dungeon and item scaling systems. Participate in Season 0 to experience the first and only time low-level versions of these mythic and heroic dungeons will exist! Eventually, over time, all of these dungeon's heroic and mythic difficulty modes will be scaled up to level 80.

What you can expect on the launch of BlueRing's Season 0:

  • Progressive content releases

  • Heroic and Mythic Low-level Dungeons

  • Extended Realm-First Achievement System

  • Dynamic Item Scaling System

  • Realm First Item System

  • Transmog

  • Crossfaction Battlegrounds

  • New PvP Gear

  • Goblins coming soon!

Of course this is just what you can expect in the beginning for BlueRing. Our plan is to introduce the much anticipated Cataclysm zones, dungeons and raids in Season 1. Please join us in Season 0 so that we can progress through the content together and bring its scripting up to a quality state.

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Bluering is an awesome server

Written by lixean lixean
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To be fair, I love those kind of servers. It's the progressive Wotlk server with backported content that gets to me :-) Always fun to play on.

Overall just not a fun experience.

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I won't get into the fact that the population claims 100-500 players when peak times average 70 at most on weekends.
The server itself feels very janky at times because of design choices. Dungeons have sub-par tuning, leaving me to believe QA testing is few and far between. Many stock trinity issues have been leftover, such as the spawns for nodes and respawn timers.
Insistence on PvP gear on such a low pop server is genuinely a waste of development time in my mind, especially when the only custom PvE content is over or undertuned heroics/mythics so you can happily do the same dungeons over and over, or a barely functional goblin starting zone with enough quests "working" to get you to level 6. Instead of making any further fixes to the zones, they instead are doing the exact same with worgen.

Lead developer advertised Season 0 as "alpha" but retracted and said only the level 20 bracket was alpha, yet the current state of the game feels like nothing but a early access mess.
The store is also a P2W mess (VIP package?????)
A server like this genuinely makes the WoW modding community look worse everyday, I do not expect this server to improve in the long run.

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