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BattleArenas 3.3.5 - I80 PvP

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BattleArenas 3.3.5 I80 - Free S8 / 284 ilvl. [PVP]  
Welcome to BattleArenas 3.3.5a realm, here is the list with the server features:
- Wrathful Gladiator (Season 8) gear
- Season 7 PvP and PvE Gear also available
- Crossfaction Solo Queue 3v3 feature (MHC setup)
- Crossfaction Battlegrounds
- Wargames for 1v1 2v2 and 3v3 arena (.challenge commands)
- Template NPC - Most ballanced and bugfree PvP environment
- Progressive MMR search range system
- Crystal which make arenas to start faster if players are ready
- No custom items, spells etc
- Fully working Movement Maps / Pathfinder System
- Spells Crowd Control Delay system
- Arena Ladder NPC
- Scripted all racial and class spells, abilities and talents
- Two Transmogrification systems
- Item Requester NPC
- VIP accounts for top arena players
- Duel reset cooldowns script
- Active Anticheat system
- Fully working Arena Spectator NPC + Spectator Addon
- Exotic Arena-queue places through the map
- Custom Jump Event with rewards
- Custom Arena Seasons with reward ceremony
- Exotic Mounts without faction restrictions
- Weekly 2v2 and 3v3 pvp events with Live Stream
- Daily fixes and improvements
- Arena Replays Patch: Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a

Discord : https://discord.gg/aMEdAaT7av

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Server Reviews

8 Reviews
(4.50 out of 5)

Amazing Server

Written by dogshit dogshit
Upvote 6
Downvote 0

Very good scripted server also everything is free !!

Very Good Server

Written by Raafles Raafles
Upvote 5
Downvote 0

I played in this server like 1mouth ago everything is free also good players in arena. When someone report for bug they fixing really faster !!! Great Server i hope they don't disband it !!!

Probably the Best New Pvp Server

Written by drk10 drk10
Upvote 4
Downvote 0

Probably the Best New Pvp Server everything works also the streamer qwneer playing there go check it out !!!

Go play now !!

Written by Hero_2s Hero_2s
Upvote 2
Downvote 0

Very good server guys with also good persons there !!

Soloq Exp

Written by zorokun zorokun
Upvote 1
Downvote 0

Well i played soloq last night alot good players quing in soloq

Just Vote !!

Written by s11 s11
Upvote 1
Downvote 0

+Bump really nice server

I just joined

Written by xdxdxdx xdxdxdx
Upvote 0
Downvote 0

I played last night was alot fun ! I hope this server get more players .

You get boored after 5 min

Written by Xtrodinary Xtrodinary
Upvote 0
Downvote 0

Sadly i got boored after 5 min on this server cuz u get everything

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