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Firestorm - Gul'dan

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World of Draenor Private Server of Firestorm. The realm of their WoD server is called Gul'dan. It's running on 5X XP rate, and is a PvP realm, with a low population. Shop: They offer Gear, Levels, Gold, Mounts, Characters. (Cashgrab/Pay-2-win). The WoD Realm from Firestorm (Gul'dan) is between 0-100 players online. At the time the author wrote this, the server has only 25 players online. It's not very many, but in general - WoD isn't a popular expansion, and there aren't that many other WoD Private Servers out there. If you want to play WoD on Firestorm, you can do that here: https://firestorm-servers.com/

Disclaimer: This listing was added by the staff. If you are the owner of this server and would like to update any information or update the status to a Verified server, please contact us here or at our Discord and reach out to one of the admins.

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Don't waste time here

Written by caviel caviel
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Played on here awhile as I wanted to try out Warlords of Draenor. Completely buggy and glitchy, falling through the map, mobs spawning in midair, npcs misplaced, garrison not fully working it's pathetic

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