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Duskhaven - Smolderthorn (Vanilla+)

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Smolderthorn is a Vanilla+ Server which expands upon the best versions of WoW adding features like reworked Classes and new specializations, Custom Raids and Dungeons, Mythic+ and new Lore-filled Questlines. Rates - XP: 2x (1x is also available) - Reputation: x1 - Drop: x1 - Profession: x1 Realm Type - PvE General


  • Class Reworks which include many new additional Spells and modified Talents

  • New Leveling and endgame Zones such as Hyjal, Gilneas and Elwynn Foothills

  • New Race: Worgen (Includes custom Starting Zone)

  • New Class Specializations (ex. Tank Shamans and Melee Hunters)

  • New Class: Demon Hunter. This Class has its own Questline to unlock and starts at Level 55 (Exclusive to NE and BE)

  • New Specialization: Monk. The Priest gains new melee-abilities which scale with your Spell Power.  (This Class can choose between DPS and Tanking)

  • New Class: Tinker (Includes new Custom Starting Zone) This Class can choose between Tanking and DPS and relies on different gadgets and creations such as  controllable robots, turrets and grenades (Exclusive to Gnomes and Goblins )

  • Warmode

  • New Class and Race Combinations (ex. Dwarf Shamans, Troll Druids and Tauren Paladins)

  • Custom Raids such as Azshara Crater, Karazhan Crypt and the upcoming Emerald Dream and Scarlet Crusade Raid.

  • New Treasures have been added all over Azeroth which grant Experience, Consumables and Equipment

  • Bonus Objectives have been added to Leveling Zones

  • Players gain a Account-Wide Buff which increases Experience gained by 5% (stackable up to 3 times) for all their Characters upon reaching Level 60

  • New Class and Race Combinations (ex. Dwarf Shamans, Troll Druids and Tauren Paladins)

Make sure to join our Website or Discord to get more Information on our progress, content and share your interest, or give feedback!
Discord: https://discord.gg/raXAJyqRUe
Watch our custom Hyjal Zone Gameplay Preview: https://youtu.be/RwamAJ3eNt0
Watch our Monk Overview: https://youtu.be/DOte7pxD0TA
Watch our Tinker Questing Preview: https://youtu.be/0pFTeZ9Q5Sw

Server News

WoW server news
Our Tinker Starting Zone Gameplay has been released https://youtu.be/0pFTeZ9Q5Sw
WoW server news
https://youtu.be/EH2dxCBNC7E A new custom Raid coming later this Month. The Emerald Dream can be entered by taking the Portal in the Dreamway troug...

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