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Get off to a great start on this new Legion server! | Opened officially with 50+ players world wide!

- XP Rate x2.
- Weekend X4.
- Professions and Farming x3.
- Blizzlike and custom.

- Raid finder and dungeon finder active.
- You can even go to the timewalk dungeons.
- Get your class mount by doing the quests!
- Get your artifact weapon by doing the instance!
- Get the HC and MM Trial of Valor set!

- Put a price on your enemies' heads!
- World PvP will give Battle Token + 5 honor.
- BG 5c5, 10 and up to 40c40.
- RBG and Arenas by points.
- PvP zones in Legion working.

- Bounty Hunter System: You will find it in the sewers of Dalaran.
- Capital Arenas: Fight and get brawler gold!
- Custom missions to get Icy Coin and Valor Coin.

- Level 100 Boost:
Contains your level 100, level 100 gear, 1 limited-time guardian, 3 mounts and 30-slot backpacks x4, plus you will fly to the Pandaria expansion.
- 1 amazing flying mount!

| MIGRATION ACTIVED | for GUILDS of 15 people or more.
- Show that you have a guild of 15 people or more and we will give you a 930+ character and your guild here. Each member will receive a mount and more!


- Refer your friends and win for FREE gold points: https://wowhellgarve.com/legion/en/page/promotion

Create your account today and be part of the community of 50+ active players!


You can join here: https://wowhellgarve.com/legion
Discord: https://bit.ly/Hellgarve_Int

Server News

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Come enjoy this awesome Legion 7.3.5 server that will be released on September 9th! 🔰 INFO: 💥 XP: 2x 💰 Farm: 3x 🔧 Profession: 3x ⚔️ Arenas 1v1 and...

Server Reviews

3 Reviews
(5.00 out of 5)

A really good private server

Written by Masamune Masamune
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Downvote 1

One of the only private servers that offers all content from older expansions as working. Raid, Dungeon, event are scripted and possible. The quest side is also very well set up. Thanks to GitHub, when you encounter a bug, you have the opportunity to file a report yourself without having to go through someone else. The entire staff is attentive and caring, it feels good to be understood. Join HellGarve now!

(HellGarve have Legion and Dragonflight, actually on Alpha !)

My opinion

Written by yassoux yassoux
Upvote 2
Downvote 1

Good server PVP and PVE

Scripted, and it's awsome !

Written by gueryghembal gueryghembal
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I passed 3 months on the server and i'am addict. A great major part of the server is scripted and that give an awsome feeling.
The flexcraft offer you a very singular and unique dungeon experience, the github is very active there and very often consulted by the developers.
Very responsive GMs and quality staff. All the content of the old extensions is there and in addition it is very largely scripted !

I have a lot of fun there and I recommend it to you, it's a young server who doesn't look like much, very promising and incredibly well done !

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