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Hellgarve Dragonflight

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PVE, Custom, PVP



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Hellgarve's Dragonflight It's in Alpha testing, and will be opened to the public soon. We have exp x2. Also our server is a PVE realm with custom features and exclusive PVP zones.

The population of all servers of Hellgarve are young and are growing up everyday. Thanks to them, we are getting reports and fixing every bug they find.

You can follow the story of each expansion and coming soon, the Dracthyr and Dragonflight content.

The Game Master team are from all over the world: English, Español, French and Russian. All together to help you with your issues.

You can join here: https://wowhellgarve.com/dragonflight
Discord: https://bit.ly/Hellgarve_Int

Server News

WoW server news
We have a new promotion that will last until the end of October!We have activated the Hellgarve Referral Program, applicable for now in Sargeras - Leg...

Server Reviews

3 Reviews
(2.00 out of 5)

The future

Written by yassoux yassoux
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Still in beta but once finished it will be the best DF server :D


Written by wowiskingster wowiskingster
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Should not even be listed since there is no DF server online.

Bad Server

Written by saladguy420 saladguy420
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Never delivering expansions on announced dates, then they proceed to delay it all the time and then nothing happens. They changed the whole idea of the project all of a sudden. Thanks but no thanks.

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