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Warspring 4.3.4 Haste Server

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RP, PVE, Custom



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[Custom Content] [Stable Core] [Mythic Plus] [Haste Cap] [Auto Loot] [Custom Progression] [Scripted Content] [Instant 85] [Cataclysm 4.3.4] [Unique Systems] [Solo & Group Content] [Friendly Community] [Over 40,000 custom items]

Server is a new haste server that released in July. We have implemented many unique features on the Cataclysm expansion including Mythic Plus, Transmog Collections and more! Join many players and conquer the hardest dungeons! We also have a leaderboard to view available here https://leaderboard.warspring.gg/

Our website: https://warspringwow.com/

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Server Reviews

3 Reviews
(3.33 out of 5)

Not a scam

Written by beepediboop beepediboop
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What the review below forgets to mention is that the active "mond-wow" is an EXACT copy of the original that was discontinued back in 2013.
This is INSPIRED by mond, and an actual good server. Some real unique content coming up when it comes to haste servers.
You don't want to miss it. Really enjoyable server so far.

Big ups to warspring.

Lovely server.

Written by Quadral Quadral
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I enjoy playing this server.

pay to win

Written by touge9 touge9
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if you want to do higher mythics you have to donate money for full talents and other things, owners only care about money they only listen to people who donate to them, they preach everything is balanced and you DONT need to p2w but with classes with tri spec there's a night and day diffrence with people who dont. if you poll somthing on the discord its overlooked cause you didnt give them money. dont bother and play somewhere else.

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