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Warshard - Sanctuary Sanctuary is an instant level 85 realm mainly focusing on PvP*. Discord: https://discord.gg/crGBPJzk68

About Us
We're a team of 5 experienced developers who have had enough time with the WoW emulation scene to know how to work properly, where to go when we need something and who should we contact even in the most extreme cases. Each of us has his/her own field of expertise and together we form an excellent team that can cover multiple timezones, and if we put enough time & effort into something - it will be wild. From basic to the most extreme core development, custom core development, DBC & retroporting knowledge, custom outside relations, detailed analytical view & the ability to have an open mind, as well as the ability to learn from mistakes (not only our own) and have an established workflow and roadmap makes us an amazingly efficient team of developers who are interested in one thing - an amazing server. Our server is located in Germany and is powerful enough to support a large community.

Our Motivation
With many Cataclysm servers being an obvious pay-to-win, providing low-quality content, lack of security or proper maintenance, or all of the mentioned combined, Warshard is here to make things different. We aim to lead in the industry by setting an example of a community-driven server, enjoyable gameplay, consistent growth & dedication, and community feedback for future content. We're here for the long-term and we're here to stay with our community by our side, for our community.

Our Promise
Pay to win is a curse that should've never stepped into the private server scene, to begin with. We're not greedy and will never offer pay-to-obtain gear items, buffs, staff ranks, access, or anything of this sort. We don't plan on slowing down and intend to hire the best at each individual business as long as we need to in order to provide the best experience we can. We don't leave jobs undone and will never stay out of touch or be unrealistic and make false promises or provide unrealistic dates.

Our Goal
At the end of the day, our goal is very simple - we want a community that enjoys our private server and we want them to thrive with excitement, happiness, and satisfaction.

Why Warshard?
In addition to our promise, we would also like to have the ability for players to enjoy custom systems they've not seen anywhere else. From custom self-made systems to having every possible fix within a significantly shorter period of time than any other server, a stable & efficient base, a motivated development team & administration, and generally high-quality content by all means. That alone should be enough for most servers, but that too is not enough for us. We would always want to hear what the community has to say and what should we do next is entirely up to the community!

Have we mentioned the fact players will be able to earn money from playing the game?

*We do plan on expanding PvE once we got all the systems we want to implement fully operational. You can read all about our roadmap on our roadmap page on our site.

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