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Hello community, I am pleased to announce the opening of a beta phase of Valkyria Cataclysm Progressive on October 20.

We are a dedicated team that has been working on the project for several years to offer an experience as similar as possible to retail.

We have worked hard and currently we have developed all the old content such as that corresponding to cataclysm, all areas have been fixed and are available, including vash'jir.

The project is ready to see the light and that is why we want to invite you to come and try it in the beta phase.

What are you waiting for? Create your account on our website and get ready for a unique experience.


- Features:

- Hosted in Europe

- Blizzlike Server with Dynamic Experience Rates

- Progressive Server Since 4.0.6, Season 1

- Automatically Discovered Flights Up To Level 80

- Recruit a Friend System 100% Blizzlike

- Server No Pay To Win

- All Content Working Like Retail

- Prepatch Deathwing Event working

- Patch HD Models available

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Everyone is welcome to give it a try

Written by valkyriawow valkyriawow
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Hello, if you are a content creator you can ask for access before of beta opening for making a video and for helping us to advice the server. Join our discord (invitation is in website) and you ask a admin for it. It's a really good scripted server and we are sure that if you play it, you will like it.
See you in 10 days.Regards

I think it's a good server

Written by jamtonycn jamtonycn
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Although there was not much promotion, I still discovered this server, which also made me feel the fun of the game 10 years ago, so I led 200 guild members into the server. But just being here is not enough. I really hope more Many friends come here.

Doesn't work properly

Written by Lajex Lajex
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I played a character up to level 10. But after logging out and trying to log in, the game gives an error.

I deleted the folder with the contents and extracted it from the .rar file again. After this procedure, by clicking on the WoW.exe file I was able to log in again.

However, when logging out and logging back in again, the same thing happens. I'm not going to do the same procedure every time I want to play.

This private server is useless.

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