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Neltharion is a x7 rates realm with a completely unique Mythic system implemented. It will provide an optional hard challenge inside the Cataclysm dungeons with affixes and unique loot based on difficulty. The rewards for beating the timer will be cosmetics, transmog & miscellanous items that does not affect the game. A new fun way of gathering your cool items that can normally be seen on the store!

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Written by alain alain
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hello good night, someone knows how to make me an apollo account and change the realmlist.Tha

Honest Cataclysm Server

Written by another33 another33
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The owners are honest, and it seems like they have high ambitions. I hope the best for the server, but I'm a little skeptical.


Written by vinona.red98 vinona.red98
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elitist jerk server

Written by drameadgames99 drameadgames99
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Spend any time in the discord and you'll figure it out for yourself. Also they do not know what the definition of PTW is .

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