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    Admins have no sense of Classic WoW style

    Actually, admins have no clue what is Classic WoW - they should run WotLK custom server, but not pre-tbc one. Just a cashgrab machine.

    Turtle WoW

    Released PvE RP  XP Rates: 1X Population: 100-500
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    Great one server and the future of private servers

    Awesome server with an active community both in PvP/PvE. Right now, PvE progress is 15ppl LBRS/UBRS raids, MC: Lucifron down and farmable, Magmadar 13%, Onyxia 30%, Azuregos and Kazzak are farmable. The main idea of the server is to recreate the feeling of early wow(1.6-1.7 patches), when dungeons and raids were hard, memed Tyrs Hand farming, rogues Swirly Ball and so on. Updated talents and class abilities that make all classes and specs viable also destroy meta, so you can see players running around with various specs and gear sets.