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    Another realm by Atlantiss

    If they continue the same path they are taking with Netherwing and Karazhan, i would avoid this one as well...but to each its own, i guess.
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    PersonaL view

    Corrupted and racist staff, full of themselves. Cancerous community, overtuned content destroying balancing classes in a raid. If you are warlock or hunter you will get spot, if you are prot warrior you are left in dust in t5...DodgyKebab said it himself, avoid...


    Released PvP  XP Rates: 2-5X Population: 2000-5000
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    TBC server to play on

    I am kindly inviting all of you, willing to play TBC on mostly blizzlike server, and relive best tbc experience , and maybe stay for longer than one cycle and call it your home. EntropiusWoW Burning Crusade server is stable before everything else, 99% of npcs across whole world is working properly, quests, spells, mechanics are as they should be. Overall #1 atm deff. I am expeting few ks of pop and many more joining along the way, juicy Archieved realm is calling!

    Project Entropius

    Fresh PvP  XP Rates:  Population: 500-1000
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