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    Turtle wow honest review

    So I gotta say this video is not full at all. I have played many servers and this one I have played for several mounths now so here is the honest feedback. The servers population ratios is more like 15-85 horde to alliance. The script is nice and there a lot of custom quests that help you level quickly unless you plan to play hard mode. There very good and friendly people that will help you out and that you can raid with , but there is a big BUT . The server has a lot of toxic players some of them are actually part of the staff. If you plan to PvP on horde side then get ready to lose weeks in a roll and to be gloated from the alliance and the staff which are biased towards the faction. The server has 0 class or faction balance, the paladin holy strike which is the the only ability added just for alliance deals 1k normal dmg on any player and crits for +150, it's totaly unbalanced for example a 58 lvl paladin will crit for 2k with green gear. Get used to play 2v1 or 2v2 matches and hope you get a single badge or an honorable kills. Also if you evade in WSG alliance players mainly GMs then you better get used to threats as well and feel free to abuse if you're alliance. But of course there are some good people and I happy to know them and do content with them. The server is definetly horde player UNFRIENDLY, I got a message from one of the staff that states that all horde players are scum. I do hope the staff gets their head right, but I think that's a long shot at best.

    Turtle WoW

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